Rider combat power loss

Hi, has anyone experienced a loss in rider combat level recently? One of my riders whose power was over 5k whom I used to assign level 2 rider missions to on a daily basis had a sudden drop in combat level to 4,700. This means he is no longer eligible for level 2 missions. Three different people from support have said that I deleted three items of gear, hence the power drop. This is not a possibility. To destroy gear you need to remove it first. And then you need to fit him with new gear (he has all slots still filled). There is also no one else who accesses my game or device and that I’m sure of. This leaves one of two possibilities. A glitch or tampering with the account from within PG. Has anyone else ever faced this?

I haven’t had this happen as far as I know. You could use Mechengg’s various data sheets and add up the combat level for the rider and his gear by hand to find out what it should be, then at least you’ll know if it’s too low now, or was too high before.

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To destroy gear, you need to remove it first :white_check_mark:
Assigning new gear to occupied slots destroys the equipped item :white_check_mark:


Not if it’s replacing gear with the others with the same element (I believe)

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That’s correct Orca, but you have to first click a button saying Try on and then click confirm gear at which point you get a pop up asking if you are sure you want to destroy the old gear or whether you would like to save it using rubies. According to support I destroyed three pieces on the rider and hence the drop in power. Destroying three pieces and replacing them with inferior pieces is not a mistake I would make and certainly not one I’d repeat three times. They offered to replace one piece but I’m really more interested in finding out how it happened and/or getting it all back.

But you still go through the confirmation process every time. According to them I destroyed three pieces which is not a possibility.

You can try 3 new gear pieces on, and use a single confirm to replace all 3. Would require you press try on to 3 pieces which has no confirmation. Then press confirm equip once, and I believe you get an are you sure you need to say yes to, but you do not need to do this 3 times. There is no need to salvage. It doesn’t cost anything. (Except the gear which was on goes to the ether, not back into inventory. You must remove each piece with rubys to get that to happen)

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Thanks Eidolon, but I’m very certain I didn’t equip three weaker pieces whatever pg support may say. The only pieces I level up are legendary. They say I destroyed a spear, plate and pants. The rider now has all three of those in epic. So basically something I destroyed and replaced according to them was a legendary. It has to have been as that’s the only thing higher. Anyway, no worries. Just be warned that something smells bad in case it happens to any of you.

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I think it would be ignorant to say strange things don’t happen. That being said most times it’s accidental button pushes or children or drunk play, etc.

I think it’s pretty rare that a bug would cause this kind of thing or that pg would accidentally do it on the back end in a way that their logs wouldn’t show it wasn’t a player action. Not impossible, but if this happened to you, it’s like getting struck by lightning.

So it’s good that you see epic gear, which means you know why the hunt power dropped.

At this point you should attempt to plead mercy on reversing the action. PG will sometimes undo honest mistakes if you ask nicely. Just don’t demand it because they technically have no obligation to. Just tell them that you are pretty confident that you did not do such a thing, but if it did somehow happen it must have been due to accidental button press or some other mistake and please could they reverse it this one time. At least that’s what I would do in your spot unless I didnt really care about the lost gear.


No, they don’t. :smiley:

They’ll just say to deal with it or that’ll roll it back to a point you had those gears, losing all gains in between your current status. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

They definitely do. I can dig up hundreds of incidents in some chats and forums where accidental use of rubys or expedites were undone when asked nicely. You just can’t expect they will. It’s entirely at their discretion.

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I’m smelling a trashy discrimination then.


But then, it is expected for us murikanz :smirk:

Yeah Eidolon, I’m past that point. The last support staff got arrogant but offered me one piece back if I said what it was. I told him where it could go. All very politely mind you. But I’ll make do without any favors. Gear will come back. Disgruntled players may not and that’s something they need to realize so insinuating that someone is either a fool or a liar won’t get you far in support.

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