Rider Comparison Table


I’ve made this table to compare rider stats. There are a few of these around but most only show the maximum for each stat, but not actual builds you can make with the points available. They also tend to show all the stats, which to me makes it harder to compare the stats that actually matter.

As you can see, for each rider with multiple (sensible) build options I’ve included the variants. I’ve also added things like hunter attack to the general attack stack, since that’s the number that will matter for comparison in the end. You can also find the table as a google sheet here, including what skills I picked for each build spec.

Hope this is useful for people when deciding what rider to put where. If you find errors or feel an important build is missing, let me know!


Thank you! Much appreciated!

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This is most excellent!!



Thanks @Morreion this is awesome!

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Thank you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: this is awesome


Love it!