Rider Deletion Feature

Okay, so we all have those riders that we get, but don’t actually use. Those riders do nothing but sit there and take up space. It would be really helpful if we could delete, remove, or “salvage” riders that we don’t use or plan on using in the future. This would free up a lot of space and ensure that only riders we intend to use for attacks and for defense are in our rider list.

I have several riders in my rider list that I don’t do anything with. Of course this could be avoided by simply not hiring them in the first place, but I have this thing where I just have to hire every rider I acquire. The number does build up, and it can be annoying sometimes. That’s why I requested a deletion/removal feature.


Or, allow us to send more than just 3 riders to get egg tokens for us.
So extra riders can be sent to get timers, rubies, eggs, etc similar to the dragon quests.


This!!! Have 1000’s of mission tokens built up that can never be used!
This was asked for before but then got lost in the mix.



I’d like to see it happen but :man_shrugging:t2:


Side note. I don’t know how to insert the earlier post about riders into my comment here. Someone teach me.

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Great idea RuRu sadly pg will most likely lower the rewards for those missions allowing you to run more than 3 but for the exact same amount of resources overall :man_shrugging:
But never hurts to ask lol

Like squeezing water from a stone :rofl:


Personally, I’d be fine with sending riders off for 12 hours to get 250+ egg tokens each, or something like 1-4 12 hour timers.

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Find the post, copy the link, go to the post you want to put the other post in, then paste it, and it’ll be there.

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Isn’t that what I did? But mine just shows the text not the post

It does that to me sometimes as well and I don’t know why
Gonna test something on here
Yeah I’m confused, I don’t know why it didn’t work lol
Did it a few times here and they all worked

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Not sure what happened. That’s never happened to me lol.

*smirks in perfectionism"


There isnt a limit to the amount of riders you can own so I dont understand why you mention “free up a lot of space” use them for rider missions or put them a little dragon to boost some for dungeons or something. I guess I’m failing to understand why would want to delete it.


Probably just referring to it being cluttered