Rider exp glitch

I have seen that when I attacked a player in atlas that my rider did gain exp but a minute later it said that the game had to sync and my exp was lost and it was like I never even attacked a player. But it showed that someone attacked me while I was moving away from the player.

Reinstall game and see if missing xp populates.

It did not. But it did say general.LOADING message

Please send in a support ticket so we can investigate @Jonathon8049

It looks like what happened here was that your battle completed AFTER the opponent wiped out your Primarch’s army, resulting in what was effectively a 0-Troop Primarch in the battle. Since we don’t block out other attacks while one player is attacking, the battle that resolves first is counted first, which in this case was the opponent’s. The opponent in this case was able to solo your base, while your attack had one backer, resulting in an event longer battle. Unfortunately, since the ultimate result of what happened was that your Primarch became the defender, no Rider Glory was awarded for the rider not being equipped to a perch while the attack happened. I hope this helps clear things up!

I have a similar problem, but I think it is even worse - already sent a ticket.

My rider on Estril had 12.2 K Glory in the morning, I did not level him. Now I did a successful battle again and he shows 9.something K Glory. So I lost about 3 K while he should have gained some :persevere:

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