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I gave my rider skills to get experience faster. I have not detected any experience gain over the last few eeeks despite usong the rider/dragon constantly. I am level 97, Platinum 2 league. Is this an Atlas thing? If yes, I wish I would have been warned.


You are talking about Grogg? Grogg doesn’t level up thru experience, only using skulls from season tree. Many a thread re this already since Grogg came out.


I think hes saying he leveled up the grogg skill that helps dragon gain extra xp. With grogg, u level up different skills depending on what buff u prefer. He chose xp buff skill tree. How high have u leveled up that skill? Maybe not high enough to make noticible difference yet?


He didn’t specify what kind of xp buff so yes maybe referring to dragon :slight_smile:

Mine with dragon xp buff certainly works so no issue there.


To clarify, with Grogg there are 2 skills you can upgrade. 1. Increased dragon XP. 2. Increased dragon rider XP. The later one is the topic of my question


Ok in this case, as I said, Grogg doesn’t level up through XP, rather through the skulls in the season tree, so you have wasted your skill points by upgrading dragon rider xp. Numerous threads re this in the old forum. There is no way to reset so all you can do is suck it up and move onto the next skill. Sorry about that.


I think he was talking about this

Look in red


As was mentioned before, Grogg only levels up with his skulls from the seasonal branch. The red text is not applicable to him.

If the OP picked increase rider XP on Grogg tree, those points are totally wasted. Increase dragon XP should work fine.


then what is the point of PG putting Increase rider EXP branch? is it a sham or scam for us to waste our points?

if he only levels up by skulls then that branch is totally a scam.


lets bump this thread. any PG staff want to comment on this?


Not sure, but I think they just used default Atlas Rider branches, and PG didn’t take that into consideration when making a rider that levels in season branch. Easy fix would be to provide enough xp/sculls to complete all skill branches for Grog​:+1::grin:


Does anyone with Atlas have Grogg that is not max level and can attack with him in Atlas to see if he earns Xp there? Just wondering, maybe it IS possible to level him in Atlas, without having the Grogg shards from the season tree.


I don’t happen to recall whether Grogg gets xp but there is no section for it in his skill menu. Only one for Grogg shards. Other riders have red rider shards and xp. So even if Grogg gets xp I highly doubt it will do anything because the shard requirement is still there


Cool, thanks @shimo


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