Rider for Hauhezen?

Hey guys!
To all the Hauhezen fliers out there, what would be the best rider for Hauhezen? I’m stuck between Anja and Xandra. Although both provide roughly the same hunter attack buff (23-24%) I’m torn between the extra ammo from Anja and the extra 24% rage regeneration from Xandra. I don’t have mythic ammo or mythic rage to compensate should I choose one or the other. What do you guys think?


I think anja/sophia would be more convenient…if u bond xandra u may not need extra mythic rage glyph/rune and add extra attack rune(8%) but that would be enough to make him strongeremphasized text??i dont know actually but u can make a math…lets say ur attack power 50m with anja if u remove anja and use xandra ur attack power ll drop to 49.5, and u put 8% attack rune instead of rage rune so ur new attack power ll be ~53.4…but u ll lose 1 ammo so ur net loss ll be 46.6m(50m-[53.4-50m]) but it is ur choice…change of 50% ammo regenration and 25% attack wont change much things he ll be out of ammo again


What is it 3 attack runes/glyphs you can add? If it’s over 10% boost in attack rune bonus or ammo rune. Your best bet is Xandra

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Personally, I’m sticking with Anja. I’m never really too short on rage with Hau, but on defended runs the burst damage gets really tight. It might change a little after his buffs go live, but I suspect I’ll still want to maximize damage output over rage.

But if you have both riders, your best bet might be to fly a bit with one of them, and see what you feel you need more, rage or ammo.


I forgot to add that I have two legendary rage glyphs and I could potentially de-rune Fomhar’s mythic glyph for an added 1+ hunter ammo to Hauhezen. I could also de-rune Equestor’s mythic glyph for 8% rage regeneration.

I was ready to post the same rider question when I saw this post, so will hijack if not a problem… besides Xandra, I have the following riders that I can use, Reginald, Rosheen and Suresh (currently bonded to Naja)…
Thanks for any input!

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Hahaha, no problem at all.

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+3 ammo & +24% atk is enough for me. :grin: -on top of that, another rage boost from x.

+3 ammo+24%attack??how did u runed him?

Anja 24% with ammo and two ammo runes I guess lol but yea once his boost hits it won’t need as much rage I wouldn’t think

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Or one mythic ammo rune+ anja


Ahhh yea I guess that makes sense. I don’t have any of those :eyes::sweat_smile:

Cheers for the input I think I’ll go Anja also.

I was curious Iif Xandras extra HP was worthwhile?

I only have legendary ammo so I probably dont have much choice.

+1 Ammo > extra rage + 8% attack


+1 ammo benefits only when the ammo completely restored. So, if you have 10, you have 11 in the beginning with extra ammo, but if you shoot without interrupting, I doubt that you do 11 shots and wait for complete restoring of ammo - you shoot further, likely. On the other hand, +8% attack increase the damage of every shot, so I would choose rage + attack.

P.S. and I agree with Morreion - fly first and see what you are lacking for your way of flying, then add what you need more.


The rage is still viable depending what level and length of bases you will be hitting. 4 or 5 islands maxed may require some rewinds and you will want that blue 2 rage spell available as much as possible. If I was to put them in order I would go for attack>rage>ammo, so between those riders anja would be better with 2 good runes of rage.

This is what I feel after flying him “lightly dressed” (gear and rider).


So rider wise, of my options (without Anja) I should go with Xandra, right?

Choosing between those that you mentioned, and Xandta, I would go for Xandra. Rosheen could give extra ammo, but for the price of rage and attack. But others might recommend Rosheen due to ammo (I wouldn’t, by the reason described above).


From the list you posted above as riders that you have, I’ll recommend you Suresh trained as Hunter (25% attack and 10% rage generation) and Xandra trained as Invoker for Naja.


I have Saito 17atk 11hp 1ammo, Reginald 14atk 21hp, Kazane 24atk 9hp.

My Suresh is on Narlyth-Naja and it’s untouchable :}

Eno 12atk 20hp 8rage

What should i equip? Kazane?
( i have Legendary Ammo Glyph and Rune ready for Hauzen, both with Rage, total +2ammo and 9rage )