Rider for invoker

When is there going to be a rider released that is specifically intended for invoker?

Only small number of available invoker atm, so it won’t be useful.
Meanwhile, we have some generic riders which work well with Invoker.


Ano, Reginald…


Not any time soon, maybe once there are 40 or 50 invokers out…

In the mean time, try one of these: https://wd.neon-wonderland.com/rider/compareOffensiveInvoker


Thanks for the info. I’ll still be hoping for a rider who also has invoker specific abilities to be released sooner than 40 seasons

I’m fairly sure it’s intentional that there isn’t one that’s specific to invokers. Invokers are designed to use the riders that are class unspecific. If you look at the last few seasonal offensive riders they all seem designed for use with invokers in mind.

Not that they won’t someday, but I don’t think you will get an answer on when.

Why wouldn’t there be any invoker riders anytime soon? They are relasing invoker legendary dragons (or mythic) every season now, and the riders are suppose to go along with the dragons of the season. However they still limit it to only Sorcerer, Warrior, and Hunter exclusive benefits even though invoker release was about 6 months ago? That’s just lazy in my eyes. It’s like PG can only focus on 1 aspect of their game at a time and cant multitask. There are many things that get put on back burners or introduced and then forgotten about.

Their ability to adapt to their own game is poor


It’s like you didn’t read my previous post at all

They have built-in buffs that allow them to work with the seasonal (class generic) riders that exist.

Allowing them to be even more powerful would be bad.

If they added what you are requesting they would first need to nerf the invokers likely.

I suspect you just want them to be stronger so that may defeat the purpose?


Weren’t those unspecific class riders released prior to the invoker class? :thinking: yet you say those riders were intended for them. I think they could add buffs to invokers that would add versatility and not make them OP. Each new rider it seems they just get a couple % more in stats (hp/atk). Sometimes a +1 hunter shot, or rage. These are the areas that could be more creative vs just making their base stats higher every time

There are over 80 hunters, and even more sorcerers and warriors. There are three invokers. That alone should answer your question.

:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:That’s because they are something new? You expect them to add 1-2 invokers to every linage tier then consider adding riders stright for invokers?

Namaka was 1 of 2 mythics in the summer season (I know your a stats guy so that’s 50%). Since the release of the invoker class in May, they have been in every season so if you only count those dragons your stats are a lot less then the 80 hunters you mentioned.

It’s the same reason why we still get ballistic runes from silver chests, or are there millions of those vs flak towers?

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