Rider for Morak and Faf'Nyr

Hi all… Since there is no specific Rider for Invoker yet, have a question…
Have Anja (gig), Reginald (Sho’Groth) and Vanquisher (Kullecid) Bonded…

So I’m left with Rosheen and Conqueror… Whats the best bonding? Rosheen/Morak and Conqueror/ Faf’Nyr or the other way around?

Thanks a lot!

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Depends who you care more about.

Invokers are limited to “dragon” stats.

Conquerer has 3% dragon attack and 2% dragon HP which is all the invoker will benefit from.
Rosheen has 5% dragon attack and 10% dragon HP and 10% rage but has 10% sorcerer HP that would be wasted.

Conquerer 13 attack and 12 HP
Rosheen 5% attack and 20% HP and 10% Rage.

Overall to get the most benefit for each dragon I would say Morak-Rosheen and FafNyr-Conquerer until you can get another.

Since Fafnyr doesn’t have rage regeneration over time I don’t think he would benefit from having Rosheen as much.

That’s my initially thought anyway


Thanks… That’s was my first impression as well… So will stick with this combination until an Invoker Rider would be released (hope so)… !

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To be honest the more I fly Morak the more I like him. I noticed you have Reginald on Sho-groth I would consider moving him to Morak depending on your play style. I like Morak better than Sho-groth. Morak has the ability as a cleanup dragon to one shot very high level towers especially farms. I use him in place of Ember now. Just make sure to take out blue mages.


Yes… I got to Morak to Garnet and is getting better and better… Sho’ used to be my main Dragon until I got Gig… So now most of the higher bases I attack I take Gig, but the idea to have Morak as a clean up is pretty good so I can challenge even higher levels bases…Will give some thoughts on switching Rosheen/Reginald…

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Ano or Reginald for Faf are best options, both non rage skilled.


Agree, fafnyr need all the hp it can get so ano, Reginald, Sophia or anja will work really well for him.
You can use this website to figure out what will be most beneficial for you.


Sophia and Anja nope, AP too low.

Fafnyr have 100% attack increase from his passive. A little attack won’t change much


This is what you gonna need the most:

  • For morak go for a rider that gives you rage generation, because if you cannot use your spells, you simply die.
  • For Faf’Nyr go for a rider that gives you hp because what you need with Faf’Nyr is to survive.

reginald and ano.

Do you have the dragon? You need some extra Ap to get him healed fast enough.

I don’t and I won’t get him ( I’m getting the hunter) unfortunately but this is the opinions of multiple people I chat with stated that he will need a tons of hp to survive

It’s not about the Ap for Faf’Nyr, it’s all about Hp.

But rosheen has increased sorc HP

But not as much as a bunch of other riders, and the rage bonus is entirely wasted on Faf.


If you sort by HP there, you’ll see Kazane and Ano topping the list for pure HP. Then Anja, Sophia and Reginald come, even if all of them waste their rage bonus, so Rosheen is the 6th best option. Not terrible, but not the best.


MORAK need as many rage generation as possible.
RUNES: Legendary Rage(Rejuvenate Duration as 2nd boost) // Legendary Stability
GLYPHS: Leg. Rage(Rejuvenate Duration 2nd boost) // Mythic Stability // Epic Rage(Rejuvenate Duration as 2nd boost OR Legendary Rejuvenate Duration Rune with Rage Generation as 2nd boost)

FAFNYR need HP and less Shining Splendor’s cooldown.
All his runes (Epic/Legendary/Mythic)
x2 Mythic Sorcerer HP Glyphs

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