Rider gear boost

Hi guys

I have a topic to be discussed since you boosted rider gears why all gears earned from ruder branche and we spent money to get them are npt boosted like all other gears they are useless now and you are discouraging player on getting those gear from branches
Are you going to boost them like regular ones
@PGJared @PGCoffee

This has already been discussed here:

Or the TL;DR nothing at all :tada:

I just compared the season rider gear, and before it was maxed rare gear. now it’s close to maxed common gear… get the first page of riders and craft gear! Maybe PG is trying to add value to the Veteran Rider.

no worries, i’m sure it will change a few more times

They must fix this or else we will only get the rider first page and won’t spend to get useless gear

They are fine with that from all our understanding in previous posts by PG.
They would rather we spend more and more and more and … wait… even more money in atlas.
And those who don’t have atlas, they let us rot in nothing


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