Rider Gear Crafting in the Forge - Available Today!


Hey everyone,

Dragon Rider Gear Crafting will be live for everyone in the Forge around 2pm PT today (just a few minutes away!). For more information, check out the latest announcement of Atlas Updates :arrow_down:

Conversations around Rider Gear Crafting, best practices, or other questions can be discussed here! :tada:

Thank you PG for including everyone

Thanks @Crisis.

So, we’ll need to wait for Bronze chest then.
Hopefully soon.

Is it too much to ask for enough shards and scrolls to craft one set of legendary gear (lv 1)?
I mean not immediately or for free, but enough for grinders to obtained it by grinding through the whole season.
Also, a reasonable number of bronze chest required to complete the set.


Of note :slight_smile:
If you are new to crafting, this is pretty much the only time in the game where it makes sense to level your gear fairly evenly rather than do 1 piece at a time to max level. As you increase levels, upgrades cost exponentially increasing amounts of shards but pay out the same buff %.

First 2 tables are for gear information (buffs and costs) and the last table is the important one which analyzes the data to show which ones are the best to go for first. As a rule of thumb, always get a full set of gear before spending your shards to upgrade 1 piece, and upgrade your pieces going lowest # shown first.

All information found in mech’s spreadsheet vault

Atlas for New Platinum Teams

@Crisis @Arelyna how about a one time injection of RSS for all who are getting crafting forge today of:

1000 scrolls
15k of each shard type

Will be a good starter.


Is this live already ?
My forge doesn’t have a gear button.


restart the game


Tried that, but thanks anyway.


can you post a screenshot of the forge in case Arelyna checks this forum.


It just appeared. Thanks again.
Lets check how this works. :grin:


Letting everyone craft rider gear materials & scrolls by including in bronze chest and have the event I use to farm chests thank you thank you PGfor giving everybody a wayto better their dragons


15k shards :grimacing:

They drop hundreds of thousands in atlas lines! They can’t obtain those amounts & they are not even able to get elite gear or have the ability to farm shards from poachers.

They probably should receive 150-200k of each and 5k scrolls.
200k of one element still doesn’t get you very far but atleast it’s not a slap in the face like 15


How will they obtain shards?


Bronze chest


how many shards drop in a bronze?




Well hopefully it’s not some very low amount that basically forces them to buy crafting packs or just not level the gear!


I hope it’s not, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. 3.5k shards is considered a “rare” drop in atlas chests, I suspect it might become a “rare drop” in bronze chests too.

If they are it’s really a trash drop, and I really hope they double up the quantities of other drops to compensate for this diluting of bronze chests.


It’s not easy to get a lot of chests either (other than using diamonds/maxing a season)


Are there shards already in the bronze chests? Don’t want to open them, saving for new season :slight_smile:


No. It will be next season.