Rider Gear Crafting in the Forge - Available Today!


Very low amount is only way to keep current atlas members from having giant influx above their current, unless they did something, anything, to account for this and give non-atlas a decent amount but not influx current atlas.

Question: I see no reason to choose the dragon type of hunter, sorcerer, or warrior when crafting all the gear looks the same. Is it necessary to choose which type or is element the only thing that matters?


Have you ever crafted gear before?

Element’s the only thing that matters.


Nope, thanks.


:roll_eyes: Seems that you forgot Offensive/Defensive…


:scream: I’m a FOOL.

Think of all the children with fire defensive gear on their Surts now! :sob:


That part is kinda a given, but thanks for the tip.


Some advices for those who will craft for the first time (sorry for the long post).

It is worth to improve only Legendary gear. Spending shards to improve common / rare / epic is a waste of shards. The reason is that you will need enormous amount of shards to improve the items up to the max level (about 1M of shards of one type and slightly less of shards of another time just to improve 1 item from level 1 to level 10).

Do NOT craft the same item again and again like “ice boots, ice boots, ice boots”, repeating unless you get the legend. It might happen that you will get two or even three legends in a row, so you will miss the “slot” where legendary item dropped. Therefore put items like “boots, gloves, chest, …”.

Do not cancel craft once started - again, you can miss legendary slot.

The sequence of drops is predefined. Sometimes you will not see legendary items even if you craft for the whole week. Just continue crafting. Sometimes you may get 4-5 legendary items in a week!

If there were no legendary items for quite a long time, it might be worth to put weapon / shield / ring to crafting queue - so one of such items will catch legendary slot - though, noone guarantee that.

I would recommend to gradually increase the power of set - at first make a common, then rare, then epic, then legendary, in the following way:

  1. Craft all 8 items. Most of them will likely be normal, some - rare, may be couple of epic, and if you are lucky - 1 or (extremely lucky) more legends.
  2. Now continue crafting only those items that are normal, unless the whole set will become rare or higher.
  3. Now continue to craft only items that are rare, unless they become at least epic. Outcome - the whole your set is from epic and legendary items.
  4. Continue to craft those that are epic unless all items will be legendary.
    Finally you will have the legendary set, which is worth to improve.

Steps 3 and 4 could take quite a few time, so you can start crafting the set of another element, using the same principle. Or you can just make all necessary sets with normal rarity or better, and only then repeat the steps above for all the sets - that is up to you. Warning: the latter approach might take a lot of weeks/months, see below.

After crafting the whole legendary set, you will get quite a few of normal and rare items. You can broke unnecessary gear to return part of spent shards. Though it is worth to break them only if you have no other good dragons of the same element, where you could put riders, so this gear will be useful.

Time to create a complete legendary set: the chance of legendary drop is ~5%. So, in average, after crafting each item for 20 times, you will get legendary. The key word here is AVERAGE. Each craft takes 3 hours, and there are 8 items in the set, so in 20 * 3 * 8 hours = 20 days you will have a complete legendary set if you will craft the gear non-stop.

When you put the gear on rider, remember the following: you can either upgrade the gear - e.g. put epic boots “over” rare boots, and then rare boots will be destroyed without returning single shard (there is a confirmation pop-up), or remove the item, which will cost you 50 rubies for each item. Choose the element of gear, which you will equip on rider wisely - if you will decide to put fire gear on a rider with ice gear, you will need to remove the ice gear first, which will cost you 8 * 50 = 400 rubies.

For offensive gear it is worth to have at least 5 sets - one per element. For the defensive gear it is enough to have just one (unless you have several perches and want to have gear for each), so I would recommend to start with defensive gear crafting and only then craft offensive.

Carefully choose the element for the defensive gear - it depends on the dragon type which you are using and going to use on perch. Take a look at the dragons you will receive using your breeding scheme and their elements, or the seasonal, if you will dedicate some dragon for perch and will gradually improve it following the perch level. For example, for warriors (which are the best choice from my point for perches) I would suggest either fire or dark - there are quite a few of such among non-seasonal. There is an alternative way: for the defensive gear chose the element which is NOT needed for your main dragons. For example, I do not have good earth dragons, so I’ve chosen earth for defensive rider, and due to that get less “conflicts” with other rider gear. Fire and wind would be much worse, since all that shards goes for offensive gear and the defensive rider will have no chance.

Good luck with crafting!


This is all rock-solid advice. New crafters should definitely read this!


Though, if you ever intend to consider putting a mythic warrior on the perch and don’t have a ton of pearls, might be wise to go for fire defensive or wind defensive gear anyway. I personally think legendary warriors probably provide the bulk of the benefit, so nbd.

Another bit to keep in consideration is the element of the secondary shard.

BurivuH wrote a really good guide, since it covers the main points of crafting quite well, though!


Just to bring this up.
Has anyone opened bronze chests during Breeding? Just curious, how much shards are there in average. Also I heard from many people that they got only ice shards, even though they opened chests on different days. Will it be the same shards per event? I thought it would be of random type.

If you will open your chests during war event, would be interesting to know, how many shards you’ve got.

UPD: same shard types in the whole event, mentioned here: Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


1 shard type per event (changes each event)
you can see the drop table
it’s been discussed already…it’s a very tiny number

read from there down


Im wondering if the element will coincide with certain events, a cycle or if it will be random


I’ve opened 158 bronze and got 20 crolls (2 x10 chests) and 1800 ice crafting shards (9 200x shards)


Does anyone knows the sequence of rotation? Is it the same sequence as they are represented in Forge, or …? (I looked through the referenced thread, but haven’t found)




Damn… Where? :slight_smile:
Can’t see - just see the shards in Atlas chests, if looking for Dark, e.g.
Which table allows to see, which shard type comes in bronze after Ice?
(it’s evening and may be I just can’t see evident stuff)

UPD: or should I read this reference like: “Now it is ice. On next event it will change and you will see”? :slight_smile:


No, nobody knows the rotation. Whether it’s by event number or event type etc.

And it won’t follow what’s shown in game, because the element type shown in game is different for iOS and Android. So it won’t match everyone 100%


Huh? Really? Any idea why?


No idea why but we can compare if you want :grin:

Android version


We are both Droid powered though… Pixel 3 here.

Just seems odd the device OS would dictate anything.