Rider Gear Crafting in the Forge - Available Today!


Someone with iOS can provide their screenshot

Found one


Wind is on the far right for iOS


IOS here

Also only received ice shards during the event





OMG the order looks so wrong!!! :scream:


Half of the players will disagree :smile:


:laughing: Maybe more than that. I don’t know the stats of android vs iOS for devices played on. But the android version isn’t what I’m used to seeing so it looks wrong :rofl::rofl:


Sorry I thought you meant chest drop sequence


The option to craft gear isn’t in my forge, though I know it should be there, any tips on how to get it to appear. I have a ton of materials but no chance to use them.


Maybe you need level 25 to access it? That’s the level requirement for Atlas. If you are above level 25 and don’t have access, I recommend messaging support.


It is a bit higher for gear craft. From original post:

  • All players level 40 and above will have access to Rider Gear crafting within the Forge starting Thursday, Feb. 28th (tomorrow)!
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