Rider Gear leveling

What I haven’t found so far in the forums is how the rider gear (not Atlas) is been restricted to get leveled. I got for example some that are rare or epic and can‘t get leveled up more. Has this smth to do, that the dragon is not leveled high enough?
Is there in the forums a general instruction for rider and gear?
Thanks in advance

The last time a rider was offered with gear was probably around a year ago :thinking: and you couldn’t level it. They rolled out gear crafting to everyone (albeit very poorly) so all of that gear should have been replaced by now.

Sorry no, I mean once you got a rider and get the gear for him in buying it with the shards in the crafting section Then the gear got theses levels rare, epic… I leveled them now and cannot go on more because they are stuck to like epic. Why is that so? Because when I have choosen a certain gear they were shown in all levels from rare to legendary in this crafting section.

Or is it just that you have to be lucky to get an epic or legendary gear when you craft one in the forge?

Ah, I see. Yes you have to craft higher quality gear

Ok, I finally found, what I was looking for, thank you.
So the thread can be closed, please🙂

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