Rider Gear Mechanics

In the rider gear drop down under “order” can you add defensive or offensive. I hate that I can’t really tell what gear is for what in a specific element. Currently, we have rarity, level & equipped. @PGDave is this possible?

p.s. I did not put this in atlas because of seasonal riders. With the new defensive rider, people who claimed last season rider and this season will ultimately get the same type of gear but for different results.


I wouldn’t mind it being a separate filter too. We have two filters currently: element and gear type. I’d add set type as a third.

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Any one else notice that the new seasonal rider increases your build times? The atlas rider gives you a -12% build time but once you put the new seasonal on, it drops to -7%. Yay.

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Rider gear should have it’s own area of storage like runes do… Additionally a better ordering system should be used.

Sort preferences should be listed by offensive and defensive armour, with toggles for element. They should be sub listed by type and strength so you can see if you have 4 common fire shields (listed next to each other), then 2 rare fire shields etc. (runes should have this option as well btw, the current sort system is practically useless and takes hours to navigate when trying to determine which runes to salvage). Add in a filter by new and you will be able to see all gear and determine what to craft next without spending a ton of time.

Right now my biggest issue is that I am building gear for a rider I don’t have yet, which means I can’t see what types of earth armour I have because I don’t have a rider to put on an earth dragon.

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