Rider glory point gain issue

Hi, everyone.

I would like to share my problem with you guys and hope you guys reports to PG if you have similar issues.

I have defense rider on perch, but it seems that rider does not gain glory points as much as I expected.
For example, I gained only about 2k glory points for my defense rider while about 100k troops died from my lvl 9 rusher. I thought that glory points gaining was much larger than this, but it seems changed some times ago.
I already submitted a ticket and PG said they’ve got similar reports from other players. I tried to find out the article regarding this glory points gain, but I could not find any. Please share your info if you have similar problem!

Check the GP sync issue thread in atlas forums.

Track glory from battle reports and ensure that glory is added to defender when your attacked. I had the same problem and submitted a ticket and they fixed it.
They also told me to remove dragon with defender and then reassign.

Support is not fixing it for everyone apparently.

Report daily until they do. on the third day i received the standard message that my first ticket was going to be closed, i responded asking it NOT to be closed as the issue was not resolved. Day 4 they fixed it.

After an initial response requeting more information to possibly fix, my ticket got bumped to someone else. With the exception of the original ticket, I have provided screen shots to document. My ticket should still be open as I attached the latest occurrence last night.

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