Rider gp disappearing

Had a reply from support some hours ago, to check the live issues page, but error is not listed there yet

So far 3k and 1k gp were seen as added, and disappeared, couple hours apart

Known issues page: https://wardragons.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002864233-Known-Issues

Live Atlas issue numbers and status: https://wardragons.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003100314-Live-Atlas-Issues

Event issue numbers and status:

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There are two threads discussing this already

Not receiving glory (sync error)
Leveling def rider question ( tangentally)

Oh, sorry, I thought those were primarch only glory gone,

But still- issue is not listed as “known”,

And if it has been 2 days of this, may be PG could warn in mail to all players,

like “stop wasting troops, you get no gp”

It is happening in multiple ways and inconsistently but PG has been pretty silent so far.

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@PGJared why are support agents referencing a known issue list for an issue that isn’t on said list?

This needs to be addressed especially with primarch leveling and rider training event coming up.

Because their agents are either useless and/or poorly trained.

Yea I’ve missed 20-30k glory on my defensive rider at this point. Getting really fucking irritating

what is happening with this?

I am still not credited my glory for my defensive rider and hunter rider.

Support closed out 2 tickets without info other than we are aware of the issue.

Last one, they said “do not contact us again” wtf is that supposed to mean?

Talk about lack of transparency or help on this issue. This was well over a week ago this issue happened, after providing screen shots of battle reports and rider trees

So wtf would i bother playing atlas when bubbles expire from pvp for the “atlas season” when it doesn’t even work properly.

Starting to get beyond fed up with this BS; i mean i like the game, but it is just getting worse and worse

Please try something for me if you could. Un-assign the rider/dragon from your perch then re-assign. See if it tallies on the next attack after doing so.

support already had me do that. nothing changed.

and i am missing glory on my defensive rider as well as an offensive rider (defensive and offensive battles)

I have tried it on my perch and just on the dragon. In the other thread on this i have screen shots of it happening

Same here two weeks ago support said you guys were trying to resolve this and when I requested an update they never responded. I still haven’t gotten my glory on my riders.

PM me your in-game name.

This same issue is being discussed here:

This is happening to alot of people (myself included). I am avoiding Atlas battles because of this and it is starting to affect my progress in this Atlas season. I even have a ticket in about it for over a week and no one has responded to it in over 5 days.

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(mail sent)

but in case it’s too difficult to refund rider and primarch glory missing,

you could alternatively refund us gold etc, so we can revive and repeat same attacks for missing gp,

15-20k gp missing= 30-40k troops, at 5 k troops revival= 10k hats/2 horns, 1.16 mil gold, 14 h timers,

x3-4 = 30-40k hats/6-8 horns, 3.48-4.46mil gold, 42-56h speedups

@ryathe @SandyFistOfPG @HBack @AphroditeTG @MikesGoN2GetU - any refunds of GP yet?

I have not. The issue still exists as well, documented it happening again last night. In the other thread.

7hours ago @pgEcho said in PM, that issue is resolved for new gp in future, which i havent tested yet,
cuz i rather have gp refund, than risk more troops, at least till update is out in iOS appstore

but there was no reply about gp refund,

reviving 30-40k troops is like 2-4 days of farming + speedups etc, (forgot to add primarch re-summon speedups in above) i rather wait for gp refund

@MoistnSquishy @Makotora @ReadyPIayerOne @Sk4de @PyroSax @BambiSuede @xBadNews1 - did you guys get gp refund yet?

nope, nothing yet. Not even reply to my ticket yet.

Did anybody else test and have it occur again?