Rider GP with current state of Atlas

People are swearing that riders can obtain GP when backing another player.

It is my understanding that as the backup sacrifices 0 troops, 150% of 0 is still 0.

I’ve seen a number of posts where someone said there was a display glitch, but enough people seem to think backing up a player on a PVP run generates glory for the rider (but probably not the primarch)

My questions are

  1. can backup gain rider glory
  2. if you can, does it use primary attackers losses (150% to limit)
  3. does the current event have any impact
  4. If it does, when did it change

I can test this all later but I have a feeling someone here has this info readily available. I searched around and didn’t find any references


It is not possible to gain glory while backing up your teammate.

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It used to be possible. I guess they removed that functionality which sucks.

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interesting the mechanics change from main game to atlas.

Main game follow and hit.
get resources
get xp (reduced)
Atlas game follow get
no resources
no gp
still get reduced xp

I’d like to see the resource bar consistent in both views. Wood/Food/Gold/ Rubies

Yeah I’m not sure the no resources thing is intentional. (I don’t recall reading anything about it)
Maybe they will add that later

I know the idea on GP is that you should only gain something when you have risked something. It makes sense to me.

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