Rider Help. Which Rider to put on Which Dragon

Can anyone guide me that which rider to put on which dragon. I’m confused.
I have

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If the riders don’t have armour you can put them on any dragon you like. Kayla is like a wisdom rune so put her on a dragon you are trying to level up. The other two can go on your best dragons to give them a boost. If they do have armour you can only put them on dragons that are the same element as the armour.

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Hey that’s a cool idea. Didn’t think about that. Like a movable wisdom rune. :+1:

Which divine Dragons do you have Riya ??

I have a similar question. My Kayla I have tried on Kirin, which I can not evolve, and on Kiara. She has a - buff. What does that mean? Does she not work with these dragons?

Sorry, forgot to correct my auto fill. Kinnara

Do u mean when u fly and it says buff active???

For a correct help, we need more information.

  1. Rider levels
  2. Some gears?
  3. All the dragons you have ( Divines have priority )
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Can you please share a printscreen with your roster and mention current breeding path and step please?


I have a total of 43 dragons so the list will be extensive. Riders are Kayla, lv 6,no gear. Oksana Lv 12, no gear. My active roster is Aibrean lv 1,Ember lv 14, Drudge lv 6, Habrok lv 4, Bolt lv 5 (trying to level to breed), Viscus lv 4, Volos lv 4, Dioskouri lv 14, Etzel lv 2, Kelsis lv 5.

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When I try to do a screen shot of my roster it doesn’t show the whole roster. Breed path? I know nothing about breeding paths. I breed when the next dragon becomes available.

Active roster- Aibrean, Ember, Drude, Habrok, Bolt, Viscus, Volos, Dioskouri, Etzel, and Kelsis.

Young grasshopper. Follow breeding path you must.

What is a breeding path master?

Please teach me.

Check this out.
There is a lot of info on forums. check FAQ’s post made by Red

Since you are new, i think most of your questions will be answered there.


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Well, u Havent good dragons. The only good 1 is Aibrean :wink: Put Oksana OR Tor on him ( depend which 1 has the best HP / ATK boost ). Save the others riders for the future divines.
Put Kayla on Aibrean so she give to Aib exp boost

I am Lvl 71 Player

I have Kinarras, Chimerak, Spirinda upto Green
Leos and Avyx upto Gold
Airbean upto Gold this season

At the time I made this post I had just made lvl 40.Those are the only dragons available to me. So if they aren’t that great, it isn’t my fault. Every single one of them is on the Red’s breeding path.