Rider Kayla need help

I didn’t but first rider but I have gotten Kayla. I have been getting the items on her line but for some reason my rider is showing to me Grogg. HELP
Not letting me use the items for Kayla

Not letting me use the items for Kayla…

If the rider says that it’s bonded to a dragon, you still get the bonuses, even if it doesn’t show up while flying. I know on my alt account Kayla did not show up on Nassus when I was training him, but she did provide the boosts.

As for armor, there should be a button to equip it. If you have her bonded to a dragon of any element BESIDES wind, you won’t be able to equip her wind armor. You will need to move her to a wind based dragon.

Or better yet, don’t add armor at all and use her as a movable wisdom rune to help level up your dragons faster.

Screenshot what you’re trying to do?

Did you bond Kayla to a dragon?
If so, is the dragon a wind element? If it is not a wind dragon you can’t put the gear on as it is only for wind dragons.
A naked rider can ride any dragon, a rider with gear is tied to that element dragons only.

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:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:this is most likely the problem

I’ve never done the rider before but I got the things for her will she bind to any dragon? I ask because I think I may have bound her to leos. I hit the bind button And my Dragon went in visible when I was flying him thank y’all for helping me to understand this

A rider without any gear on can bind to any dragon.
Gear is tied to a speicific dragon element (wind, dark, fire, earth, ice).
If you put wind gear on, you cannot use the rider on any dragon unless it is a wind dragon. You can take the gear off, but that will cost precious rubies.

An expert Kayla with no gear gives about 11.5% extra XP if you did the lines right, and you then have a sweet wisdom rune you can slide around to any dragon as long as you wait 1 hour to bond, or spend 60 rubies to bond instantly.

More info on dragon elements: Dragon Element Overview

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you probably have her on a dragon other than one that is wind elemental. You can still see the gear if you change the drop down to “all” but you wouldn’t be able to use it until you put her on a wind dragon like K2

Thank you so much. What’s the best dragon for her if u don’t mind me asking? I’m really sorry but I’m new to the rider thing.

depends what dragons you have. A lot of folks just leave her gearless (naked) and move her around from dragon to dragon for her xp boost. Like a transferable wisdom rune. Be careful and do some research before you use her shards to level her. You don’t have enough to max all her skills you have to pick and choose.

I had Kayla riding on Kelvin during the breeding event as I hatched him early on and wanted to get breedable by end of event, now Kayla is riding on Vulcan to get him breedable for next event. After that I will put her back on Kinnarus to give some attack boost.

But I cannot say the best dragon to put her on, it depends on how you want to use her. If I bought the gear, she would ride Kinnarus until I got Noctua in a year or so. But I am keeping her naked to use the wisdom boost and she will move around.

The beauty of the riders is they bond in an hour to a new dragon so you can try them out on different ones and see what works best for you.

I also have a fully geared up Grogg (dark gear) bonded to Necryx and he stays there. Gives about a 30% overall boost to Necryx and turns him into a beast for my level.

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Awesome thank all of you so much for the help. I think I will leave her naked so I can move her around. Thank you so much again for the help. You guys are awesome

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The problem is that the rider is showing to be Grogg. That being the case
as I’m buying/accruing the items for her they are no good.
I know for a fact I didn’t buy Grogg and did Kayla. I’ve done more than
half her boxes on fiurst page. Have not even started on her equipment yet…

I didn’t get Grogg but it is showing that us who it it. Now I can’t
upgrade/use Kayla’s items
Nor is it showing Kayla at all…

She should be in the unhired tab.

It’s not the gear. Haven’t got that far. I did not get Grogg. I did get
Kayla but somehow she changed to him…

You can change the Dragon anytime…

Can you please show us a screenshot of the rider skill tree?

lol but not anywhere. I have looked. My main is a 310 so I really am
somewhat good at this game but at a loss…
I have both riders on main. Now I’m in no way a know it all hence why I’m
asking everyone…