Rider Kayla portraits

How do I unlock all of Kayla’s portraits? I’m on her last page and have only unlocked one.

You don’t. The only way to unlock the rest was to get her when she first came out in the fall of 2017.


Well that’s a bummer😕
Thank you for your reply🙂


Her portraits also didnt come with her original line, they came before in Necryx’s season. You had to claim them from one of the legendaries (chimerak?)

I think Tor or Oksana was the first rider rider that contained their own portrait

Wasn’t chimerak, he came with Angel hunter I think.

It was either Chimerak or Spindra. One of them had Demon hunter and the other angel hunter

Ah gotcha

I also went for the rider line because of Kayla’s portraits, too bad it’s only stage 2

I mean I would of been nice to get all of her portraits but at the same time I get why they didn’t at the same time.

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I got Spindra and have the Fiend Slayer portrait series (aka Kayla, I presume?). Her hair actually lightens throughout the series, starts brunette, gets highlights, then blonde/white on top, dirty blonde in tail. Kayla in the 3D rider screen is pretty much all white hair, and wings have multiplied from 2 to 4.

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Yep, Fiend Slayer, that’s what her original title was. I remember how popular the portraits for those 2 dragons were.

I dont really get why they bothered to just put 1 of her portraits in the Champion rider line. That was just a waste of everyone’s time