Rider mission tokens?

How do we get Rider Mission tokens? I’ve asked support several times, most have no idea what I’m even talking, and others just refer me to the release notes, which only talks about using them, not how to get them.

I’m pretty sure your question is very hard to understand, would you elaborate?

Dragon Rider Tokens are used to send riders without the proper skill level on more difficult quests Coach.

I’m not sure where they will be dropping from, i’m assuming at some point they will be added to Atlas event prizes and or bazaar/Atlas chests/whatever they change it to

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Oh gotcha, I’m a newb, apologies :smiley:

Thanks @mechengg

I guess that answered OPs question as well.

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And for visibility here is where you can use them/see your inventory of them. But again I’m not entirely sure where to get them from 🤷

Maybe post atlas questions in atlas category next time?

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Purely speculation, but my money is on new chest system that replaces bazaar.

Which I think is part of 4.20 that comes out today?

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