Rider Missions - a fair assessment (no whinging, no whining)

This post isn’t about larger prizes. The community has been vocal about larger prizes, and @pgEcho’s response is below.

This post is meant to be a fair assessment of using Rider Missions as a long term investment, without whinging, or whining.

Point 1 - Perch Riders should be available like any rostered dragon
My defensive rider is one of only three 2 Star riders. If we’re not in war, and it’s not a PvP event, I would like the option to dispatch her, and have her be assigned back to the perch after 12 hours, just like the riders in my roster. Clicking into the dragon den, to assign her into my roster, then be online 12 hours later to assign her back to the Perch, this is not user-friendly, or fun.

Point 2 - Except for the Gold Mission, the prizes aren’t that bad.
These are the 2 Star prizes, and since there is a disincentive to send a 2 Star dragon on a 1 Star mission, I don’t see myself doing that unless something changes.

  • 150,000 gold. I get more in a single attack on the gold mine, and if I’m running 20 gold mines per day, 150k isn’t worth 12 hours. I’ll never use this.
  • 12 x 30 minute speedups. 6 hours for a 12 hour investment, this is better than the forge, and I may use this, when my dragons catch up to my base.
  • 150 Egg Tokens. Egg Tokens are my crack. I’ll do anything for them.
  • 6 Crafting Scrolls. More scrolls are the only way I’ll jump to the next combat tier, so as painful as it is to earn just 6 scrolls at a time, this is my current focus.

Point 3 - Reduce the Mission Time to 10 hours
The 20 hour Egg Token Mission is 20 hours, not 24, because PG recognises that a grace period is required between the end of the timer and the collection of the reward. These Rider Missions need to be 10 hours, so we can realistically run them twice per day, as intended.

Point 4 - Remove the Elemental Constraint
Since Rider Missions are a “long-term investment”, it stands to reason that a rider(s) needs to be benched for a significant amount of time (a month/season) to yield an effective benefit. However, since most riders (and gear) are too useful to be benched, or they need to stay in the roster to earn G, to raise their combat level, there are limitations on which (how many) riders we can send.

I played with several combinations before I was able to peg 1 rider (one element), to exactly 5007 combat points, for 2 Stars. It’s a sacrifice for some of my best gear, and because of the Ruby costs, this is not something I can change regularly.

Since I put a lot of effort into setting up this one Ice Rider, I’d like to send him back-to-back, twice a day, however, there are 5 elements and 4 missions (3 missions since I won’t run the gold mission). If I don’t get an Ice draw, I wait 15 minutes, and another 15 minutes, and other 15 minutes. Again, this is not user-friendly, or fun.
Aren’t their enough constraints in the game? If I want to run missions, I don’t appreciate waiting for dumb luck to gift me a Craft Scroll Ice mission?

Point 5 - It’s going to take years for any player to get enough 5 Stars to be willing to bench one
Ignoring the Credit Card for a minute, I’m confident that I’ve utilised every metric in the game to maximise Rider Levels and Rider Gear, to date. I’ve got all Epic, and some Legendary gear on my Defensive Rider, who at level 35 has a combat level second only to Grogg. Grogg has level 8 Legendary boots to go with his un-upgradable Blackfire Plate, for a combat level of 6439, 2 stars. I appreciate that 5 Star is a goal to aspire to, and maybe it should take years to get 5 Stars, but 2 Star feels like the Sapphire Wall.

It seems like If I continue building and leveling gear to what I perceive to be the 90th percentile of Crafters, and focus solely on Grogg and my Defence Rider, I’m a year or more away from 4 Star. And since this post is about Rider Missions, getting those two to 4 Stars doesn’t help with Missions, since they’ll be too useful for me to bench. I wont be running 4 Star missions until I get my 3rd or 4th full set of Legendary, and realistically, I’m not sure if I’ll still be playing War Dragons in the 2020s.

PG needs to rethink the scalling of this game across several aspects.

  • Top 10% Crafters should be on track to run 4 Star missions within 3-6 months
  • When the top 10% of Crafters 5 Star out all 8 Rider, introduce more Riders, or,
  • Introduce a 6 Star mission, then a 7 Star…

Great post!

And or scale the times… like token missions

1 star 3 hours
2 star 6 hours
3 star 9 hours
4 star 12 hours
5 star 16 hours


Yes the reduction of disabled times is needed. It just doesn’t make sense to sacrifice your strongest rider for such long period of time. I suggest the above time for quest completion and a 12 hour cooldown before a rider can be dispatched again. Therefore the number of quests that can be completed over time remains the same but dragon/rider combo is still reasonably accessible.

instead of grouping missions by stars, why not have rider stars reduced the time. A 2 star riders reduces mission by 20%, three star 30% or something along those lines.

mission prizes are currently gold, scrolls, tokens and timers.

why not add: Rider Shards, keystones and crafting shards :slight_smile:

Reverse buddy. :wink:

Higher level riders should take less time to do the task then a brand new rider so go 12,9,6,3,1 or something and then you don’t feel so bad for releasing your best riders to go out because they will be back sooner if you need them


Are you fine people suggesting:

  • a single set of prizes, with mission duration being the only variable associated with Star level, or
  • a matrix with prize amounts on one axis and mission duration on a second axis?

I don’t think riders should be locked down at all, just let be a free extra reward for activity. Whats the best you can get? 700 tokens a day with a 5 star rider? doesn’t seem to crazy considering what it takes to get it.

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You’re saying we should get a free 12 hour click based on the level of our best rider. I’d support this. We have the incentive to level riders, without the pain caused by benching them. Great suggestion.

Single set of fixed prizes with duration being decreased as the variable.
The point being is that locking down the rider is necessary, but you shouldn’t have to lock down a higher level rider as long as a low level due to the possible need for it in your roster.
This also adds more log in times to send out on more missions through the day if desired, or people can log in less frequently and use worse riders.


Thought process… more experienced rider harder quest would take longer for bigger rewards.

What super seasoned veteran experienced adventurer goes on mini quests?

In most game none because exp is worthless…

They are out hunting ancient dragons and you don’t kill them in an hour :upside_down_face:

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