Rider Missions in Atlass

Why are Riders required to be bonded to Dragons to make them available for Rider Missions? The Dragons have nothing to do with the Rider Missions.

In that regard, we can submit dragons for dragon quests without riders. So where’s the logic?

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If you were going to send a rider out to a mission that is potentially a long ways away in-game, you could either send them by boat (slow) or by dragon (fast). We have dragons galore in this game, we are all dragonlords. Why would we would use boats?


probably in a way where the element of a rider is determined by that of dragon’s the rider has been bonded with… as you rider missions require you both element and rider power.

though i would much appreciate if dragons on my roster will be able to be used even when their riders are on missions.

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Just consider that the rider needs to ride on something when running an errand.

Also, I see you @Jonesy :eyes:


I was gonna say something smartass about the OPs logic regarding using dragons, but thought better of it, or did I?

Yes, I’m mostly back Orca, mostly.


You can always put armor on the rider so it’s irrelevant what Dragon he’s on. Hence Rider mission not rider/dragon mission.

Because they are dragon riders. We dont have rider dragons. Riders cant do anything on their own but dragons can. The riders only exist to ride dragons. They eat, breath and sleep dragon riding.


can you?

thought the game tells you to bond first before you can equip any gears on a naked rider.


If you have on the rider the right armor (armor’s element coincide with the targeted dragon element), you can bond the rider with the dragon without undressing it. If there is a mismatch then yes, you’ll have a message telling you that the rider has armor of a different element than the dragon. 400 rubies to undress the rider in this last scenario.
But it’s true, you can’t dress up a rider if it’s not bonded with a dragon already.