Rider Missions Stars

In the season prizes we have a chance to claim stars for rider missions. Can someone confirm the stars only bypass the element and not the actual rider rank? If so, I don’t think this could have been thought out properly. It’s already bad enough the prizes are meager compare to the time needed to complete a mission but now we can even use the stars we claim until we have a rider of the rank? I would like to propose the stars not only bypass element but also the rider rank. The stars are so hard to obtain I don’t see how this could ruin the idea. @pgEcho @PGJared

They bypass the rider rank as well

I tried it and it wouldn’t let me. Normally it would highlight. Have you tried using a 1 star rider on a 2 star mission? If so, how did you do it?

You just click tap on the mission you want, select the rider you want, and tap on the spend 5 tokens button. Then you are all set.

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Thank you! I will try it!

Why would the atlas chest have a chance to get 9 star badges? I recommend the amount be changed and become ONLY increments of 5. There is no way for me to use 4 stars and currently no way to get an extra star unless I open more chest or claim the 1 time offer in the season branch.

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