Rider not getting shards after name change

I think I messed up by changing name of rider to blu this season . In this event I’m on the third page of champion riders . But after name change none of been credited . Is there a fix ?


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Screenshots of the rider branch nodes to show you have claimed the right ones.

Screenshot of your inventory page that shows the rider shards to see if the rider shards have been credited.

Screenshot of the rider you named blu to see if the shard count actually says you lack shards.

Then send a ticket as that’s the proper/official channel to resolve this kind of issues.

If this is an Atlas rider turning into a champion rider from the main game season branch, then you need to hire her with BLUE shards that you can get by playing Atlas then you level her upto level 50 with some GP grind, then you use rider-specific champion rider shards you got from the main game season rewards to level her up further. (Level 51 ~ 60)

Hope this works , three photos attached !

All this shows is that you still need to level up Anja to lvl 50 first. Look in your inventory to see if her Anja shards have been added. You only use those to level her from lvl 50 - 60. From lvl 1 - 50 she uses red rider shards and glory from atlas

Champion riders that are coming from atlas work differently than ones that came from regular seasons. The atlas ones hire with blue shards, level up to 50 with red shards and glory and then use their specific shards on just their champion levels. Regular season riders like Ano, Rosheen or Reginald just use their own specific shards.

Ones coming from seasons into atlas (defensive riders) use their own shards to level from 1-50 and then use yellow champion atlas shards to level up to 60

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That’s the same image

Go to the shop icon and click on the inventory

Look to see if you have Anja shards in here

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Thanks :pray:

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Just so you know, you’re 200 Anja shards over. You can only use 200 of them in total. So you may want to write to support and ask them to either exchange the extra 200 you have for Rosheen or Reginald shards or the 19 gold, 4 platinum chests that you could have chosen from prize 35, 37, 44 and 50.

If you’re going to do the whole line then Rosheen is a strong rider and you only need her at lv 50 (400 Rosheen shards) for warriors and sorcerers.


Thank you for your help …

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Happy to. They’ve made the champion riders coming from atlas needlessly overcomplicated and then did a poor job of explaining in game how they work. You’re not the first Ive seen get confused about it and certainly wont be the last.

There needs to be a specific and clear explination in game of how riders like Anja and Sophia work when becoming champion


Thanks again , support reached out to me . Need to use Red Shards to level 50 . Then rest from 50-60
So I have a bunch of useless event . I’m gonna asked like you said about adding them to another rider .
Again thanks for your help



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