Rider skill resets and name changing abilities



Riders were never intended so you can change their skills. For that reason it should be costly to change it. Im okay with players fixing an early mistake but i am not okay with this:


Ignorance isn’t stupidity, it’s a lack of knowledge or info so it fits the situation. These mistakes often arise because of not understanding how the riders worked initially


Agree with a significant cost for full reset.

I would suggest 2k for first reset, then 4k for next reset for the same rider, then 2k more every time you want to reset this same rider. To prevent people shifting rider back an forth.


This is literally the definition of ignorance. No one is being mean just using the word correctly.


  1. lack of knowledge or information.


I have seen this suggestion come up a few times. I agree that it can be frustrating to have that happen. If this becomes something that we decide to change, we will let the community know.

As for tagging, using the handy guide to PG roles that @TheLoneSavage linked is a great first place to look before tagging people randomly. If you tag too many people, the ones that you actually want to see the message might miss it.


I forgot to name my riders and I wasn’t aware you only get one shot to name them. Considering you’re the only person in game who gets to see what your riders and dragons are named, I don’t know why you can rename dragons at will but not riders.


I agree. Thats one of the silliest things in the game.


I agree. I soooo want to rename Grogg to Daemon. Especially since I renamed Kayla to “Seraphina”


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