Rider Spell or New Gear Piece?

So the majority of players who skipped Krelos or didn’t get it maxed would like to see him resurrected. Most of those who had all the fun with it don’t want to see him return. Krelos wrecked my base for a quite a few seasons and I don’t have him so I’m in the middle.
In TC, gear that gives Krelos speed came up. I was thinking a rider with the Krelos speed spell might be a better idea. Of course spell would be unavailable for Krelos.
Also can the generic Atlas riders get some love along with a generic rider for invokers. Black, yellow, or red for colors.

Already I suggested this long back. PG gave a direct reply saying they won’t be bringing krelos or making speed demon spell rider :joy:. Welcome to the club. @SturdyGrip

Just craft Evasion :roll_eyes:



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Bringing krelos back as resurrection would mean he will be able to be at max tier ( radiant ). This is not a good idea


Not as good lol but yeah definitely relevant in Atlas

:joy: :rofl: no thanks…what about a generic rider for invokers. What was the word on that

I think that’s more like the worst possible idea ever. So much no to that horrible idea, all the NOs possible and then borrow some at a steep interest rate.
The answer to a problem like Krelos isn’t to make the problem 1000x worse

A solution would be to just add Krelos as a special breedable lineage dragon at Eldritch tier only. That way everyone gets equal access to him but he doesnt continue past his original tier and you dont destroy the game.


Oh God no don’t do that or else there will be more cowardly acts in Atlas.

:+1: :+1:

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