Rider Training Event Request

I have a name change suggestion for Rider Training. It gets confusing having Troops Training the Rider Training. The Rider Training event isn’t just training. It includes crafting gear also. Sooo. I recommend changing the event name from Training Camp to Rider Camp, Please.

Also, could we please have Primarch training added to this event or the Troops Training for those of us who still have a lot of training left to go. I know all the big players are done with Primarchs but a lot of us aren’t. It costs a lot to upgrade Prims so getting some type of reward for all that work would give those of us who still have a long way to finish them a reason to spend all those resources, troops, and diamonds.


Thought PG has made that pretty clear with a big fat no.


Umm… that is the name of the event. Rider training has never been the name of an event

Also you already get points for putting the glory on the prime. Getting prizes for spending that glory would be double dipping
Also pretty sure there are very few who have the gold 1 primes maxed so basically everyone has primes to level


I corrected my mistake. Thanks for pointing it out.

Doesn’t hurt to ask though.

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Totally agree! Please bring back prim training!

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I don’t care if they bring it back or not, just lower the damn cost of time to level.


sure bring it back give a 1 minute timer, 1 diamond ,1 of each shard for each level gained and boom they get rewards right?

Bet that’s why everyone wanted it gone like feeding. At least feeding was a reason to remove it from the event roster. Removing prim training when they were making gold,primes was the biggest mistake they made


How can player like myself do those if we have max primes ???

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Adding evolving primes and creating power creep to provide the illusion of a long term objective was the mistake!
And backtracking by adding gold primes was a sad attempt to dictate play style and narrow play styles here to force pay to compete mechanics and support their stupid objective of defense!
A sad attempt to curb a play style they made mandatory!


Shouldn’t atlas be both though cause it shouldn’t just revolve around ONLY Offense without defense Atlas doesn’t exist.

Defense will always be part of the game yes just not the primary objective defense happens positionally and is a product of attacking not a reason to attack lol
So yes even with a singular offensive objective defense will be part of the game just short term active defense not long term defense and stagnation that arises from it!

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I’m pretty sure your visions will most likely be twisted if PG even thinks about it and it could be easily exploited by bullies

How sure is pretty ?

You mean basic game mechanics that are used by all major game companies and by tacticians for centuries to design combat maps for the military and to teach warfare……
yeah not exactly my “vision “ more like basic knowledge of tactics and tactical design🤷‍♂️

care to explain how ……
I will wait :+1:
I’ll even post below what I have put forth as start to the foundation of a stable long term map here would look like. lol
So you can try to find a loophole for exploitation! :+1:

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Someone said it themselves “Name one thing that isn’t exploitable” almost any thought can be exploitable plus if someone cheats with a 3rd party tool it’s going to unfairly benefit them, not to mention there are those people who hit down too you know? What do these people do when they hit down you may ask, they are simply bullies unless there is a juicy castle behind said castle. Then what will happen to all those little atlas teams if you want this map SO BADLY?
Most likely they’ll be bullied either into submission or have all their valuables stolen.

In all honesty I didn’t really think much but anything can and will be exploited by anyone.

Try reading the link luna :man_shrugging:
And you can’t hit down on offensive map using positional attacking it will not be viable
And will actually harm the bigger player in multiple ways! :rofl:
Sorry that’s the whole point of a singular objective :man_facepalming::boom:
Let’s look at the word singular as in not a another option lmao

Okay we need to take this somewhere else cause a suggestion thread isn’t the proper thread for this discussion.

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Absolutely lol

Everything is subject to change …