Rider Training - why isn't there more info?

I’m not trying to be negative but I really don’t see any other way.

I got my first rider this season and began training her. I liked the idea of adding additional resists, so after pairing with a dragon and leveling, I picked some additional resistances and fully trained one and partially trained another.

Here are the problems - there were no warnings!!
It never warned me when I was looking at the training interface, that the additional resist would only work if my paired dragon already had the resist. If it does tell you, then the interface needs to be reworked because there’s too much info and it’s tiny!
It also never warned me that my current dragon didn’t have that particular resist and it wouldn’t work if I trained it.

So I spent all these points on training these additional resists and they’re worthless on my current dragon and I can’t unlearn these skills now. WHY?

This is ridiculous. Let us unlearn skills or increase the warning.

It’s little, petty crap like this that make people HATE this game.
You can’t expect everyone to just KNOW how something new works.
You have to keep people from making mistakes or make them easily reversible. Neither of which are available to me…

So now I have wasted points sitting in useless resists.


maybe someday you get a dragon which has that resist, and you equip the rider to them?

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You can’t unlearn a skill, but you can switch the rider to another dragon.
Having multiple resist means the rider will be (slightly) useful for multple dragon


It doesnt have the warn on gogg at first too, even after I set the skill. Later they add a line saying the dragon wont get the resist skill
I thought the rider resist would take effect without the spell and also they didnt say Gogg can not be train in atlas

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I mean - yeah thanks. You’re trying to provide some positive light on it and I appreciate that.

I’m just really frustrated because this seems like a huge oversight.

It reminds me of World Of Warcraft - when it was first released they wouldn’t allow talents to be reset. You could train your character but it was set for life. Eventually too many people complained and they realized it was a silly rule and now you can re-spec whenever you want.

That’s the way this should be IMO.

Very true and thanks.

But honestly, if there were warning or if I had known this, I never would have picked the resists I picked. I would have gone a totally different way.

Maybe my expectations are too high but in 2018, to not explain this to players BEFORE they spend points on skills that are permanently spent, just seems shortsighted. If I were really being conspiratorial, I could say their beta testing was crap but I’m trying to give them some benefit of the doubt…but it’s difficult.

Yep - exactly. They only tell you this after you’ve spent the points to train the skills.
That’s what’s so frustrating to me.

I mean… resist runes work the same way. But I do see your point. I found most of the Rider UI and sh!t like that sorta not-explained well (bad wording but I hope you get my point lol). :t_rex:

I agree it isn’t explained well.

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I would be on board with a re-spec of a skill tree for a ruby cost.

Alternately a warning would be acceptable
“Once a skill is chosen there is no way to replace this skill, are you sure you want to learn X skill?”


No, no one expects that. But I expect one would ask around his team mates at least, if he has no clue about what to do or how things work. And in this particular case, once you bind your Rider to the dragon, you can very well see that the resists properties of the rider, if not available for the dragon, are greyed out.

I am sorry for my blunt message, but I think we can’t blame every time PG for every thing we do wrong because we don’t care to find the answer to “how to do it right?”.

And god knows I have a lot to say about how PG handles things, but not in this case, sorry.


If you’re going to get a rider to put on a dragon, then check out the skill tree first and see if the dragon that you’re going to equip the rider on has any of resists.

Bringing this thread back to life - as I was just about to start a new one. And I completely agree withe you Legal.

Its seems rather shortsighted to not have an ability to ‘respec’ a rider. Especially a rider like the new defense rider as there is little room for error. I made one (an error that is, just by 1 point)… and now i have to stick with it forever? That’s some sh*t…

From my support ticket, a tool has not been developed yet?

I would think something like this would be near the top of the list since riders are becoming more and more prominent in the game. We have (2) riders per season now, where before, they were only accessible to Atlas players (until Grogg came along).


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