Rider xp and Primarch xp issue



I sent multiple pictures of the damage I have done and the little or no xp receive for both my Primarch and rider. Unfortunately I continue to encounter resistance from your techs to actually listen. I went through 2 months of this so I’d hope that I would never have to be doubt like this again, not the case
There are obvious issues and me bringing them to your attention It is so they get corrected
The world map is not as fun anymore and the aggressiveness of teams is really making it hard, so leveling up has become very important
So can I hear from somebody and explain why I did not get the appropriate xp for rider and Primarch



I would guess primarch is something to do with the atlas?


The ratio uses to be roughly 3:1.

So you have to kill 3k to get 1k glory points/xp for rider. I havent checked recently.


Not for primarchs…


And for primarchs its a different mechanic


Ok so over 40k ships sank would get me about 13k which is not the case


Sorry not sure why my previous msg got cut mid sentence.

For primarchs the mechanic seems to be based on the amount of troops you lost.

So ratio of G points is dependent on that. Seems like its a little bit more than double the amount of troops you as player lost, but I’ve seen one or two exceptions. So dont have the complete formula


Check the whole thread to see all combat changes. There have been many changes so this can be quite confusing.

Basically it’s supposed to be more action driven, we will need bigger battles and bigger troop kills/losses to gain the same GP. The problem is that it takes time to build/revive all those new troops so that effect is lagging compared to the fact that the reduce in GP can be felt imminent.


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