Rider XP potions

We have Dragon missions for XP potions, why not have rider missions for Glory potions?

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Because not all people have the riders required

Probably because we dont need them and no one would bother doing them. As it is the only rider missions worth doing are eggs and sometimes timers. Do we really need another column that wont get used? XP pots are plentiful enough.
If they were going to change something about rider missions then it should be to allow us to do more using that stupid star tokens or scrolls or both.

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I run Android device. By the time my Tablet acknowledges my presence at the base, my Prim is already dead so I have no way of getting XP.

I’m stuck getting XP in NML, which is dismal at best.

Do you mean xp potions that are used on riders or on dragons? Because riders don’t level using xp, they level using glory, same as primes

I run Android too and have no issues leveling riders. Find a friend and do some glory swapping or organize raids with your team/alliance

Glory swaps and guard swaps are by far the best way to get glory on a low level rider