Riders and bonding

To whom it may concern: I am interested in investing in a rider ( in this case Captain) I was curious how much stronger he will be with a dragon of his same element? As well, how strong he will help a dragon not of his element? Thanks again for your time and consideration!


If he has armor on, he can only bond with dragons that match the element of his armor. (You could put Kayla’s wind armor on Tor for instance, or forge your own in Atlas). If a rider has no armor, he can be put on any dragon (Kayla works the best for this, she makes a great wisdom rune that you can move around to your baby dragons).

Edit: As for how much he would improve the dragon he’s on, that would depend on which skills in his skill tree you unlock. The armor that he’s equipped with also makes an impact.

Assuming you choose to max both the HP and Attack skill trees, a “naked” Tor will give +8% to each. With seasonal armor, it’ll be +10% to each, which will be +18% total to each.

I’m level 134, I have a Drakius at level 28… without a rider the attack power was 7.9 million. I bought Tor and got him to expert rider, which made Drakius AP about 9 million. I completed one of the new Atlas quests and put the reward, a suit of maxed common fire armor, on the rider. Now the AP is 10.1 million.

Riders are a huge help.

If you have access to Atlas, don’t bother paying for the armor, especially if it’s the wrong element for your dragon.

And let’s hear, the Atlas player clearly has an advantage over non-Atlas players.
Also pay less for boxes?
Do these have more or different content? ?
Man does not realize it’s just you playing with the stronger dragons in War Dragons or WarAtlasDragon.
PG creates a 2-class society

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I got tired of waiting for Atlas… in the next wave they are adding… wait for it… 9 teams. Yep, if you’re hoping it’s coming to Platinum soon, well… keep hoping.

I do like the Atlas content, but there are so many advantages I feel bad for those not included. Examples: easy bases with max xp, double the egg token payout each day, more timers and rewards and events, easy access to gear and riders. The top teams are raking it in and getting tons of prizes from events that only further the gap.

Bottom line: get in any way you can. The regular game is getting pretty stale… I was going to quit because the tier grinding has gotten so boring.

Just to clarify those 9 teams you refer to are teams already with Atlas, they’ve just been chosen to beta test something in Atlas.

But yes roll-out has been slow.

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