Riders and dragons that fit together aesthetically


Recently I had a dilemma on what path Kevana should take as I already have two atlas riders set up as hunter. But she goes so well with Pathox I had to make her another hunter rider. Anyone else have riders that you think fit really well with a particular dragon? The ones I specifically paired are below.

Atlas Riders ,who to hire?

OMG Kevana is even better for Pathox than Swann is! I must get her then :heart_eyes: Let’s see if I can swing that and defensive fire gear, and maybe ice offensive (for UVS) after I finish out wind gear :laughing:

Not entirely sure where I’ll move Swann to… Maybe Noctua, maybe the mythic hunter next season (if there is a mythic hunter?)


I do this too :joy::see_no_evil:
Have Tor on Fom though since I missed Malus and Nep


Swann is dragonless at the moment since she just doesn’t look good on anything :rofl:


She looks better on Pathox than Malus did lol. That’s why I hired her. But goodness gracious, that’s a lot of rider shards I’ll have to get again :laughing:

And loosing the +10% hp/attack for hunter dragons while I train the new rider :cry:


I swapped Malus to Fom as soon as I got him and moved Swann off :rofl:


Took me a week or so to get Kev expert - so get cracking :rofl: The only issue you will need to consider will be that the prime/rider upgrade event will come again in 3 weeks time so you should try to time it.


Aibrean has a “useless” defensive rider as one of my active Dragons just because they looked good together :joy:


I need to finish wind gear first lol. I’m not off to the fastest of starts this season :sweat_smile:


That does look nice on Airbean! :+1:


Uh oh here comes trouble :eyes:

Edit: See :point_down:


When I read the title of this thread I knew exactly who created it :joy:





Don’t lynch me :rofl: Malus is going on her once I get his shards done.

I quite like this combo; though…I never use Aibrean :thinking:

Headgear kinda matches. If only Kevana’s colours were less brass and more gold.

Underrated imo


Lorenzo and anapa fit together too very well :blush:


Malus is designed for Prospero


I have these exact pairings LOL. :beers:


I agree. Malus is like a jewel on Prospero’s back. :diamond:


I enjoy a Swann + Prospero pair :heart: