Riders and dragons that fit together aesthetically


Someone already uploaded the last one but I just think it’s a great match.


Astrid is better with Gunnar
Kayla & Axi


I actually still need a new dragon for Astrid, she’s all ready but never had a ride. But I want a more good-looking dragon than Gunnar :smile:


I have no gear Kyla as a removable wisdom rune, used her on Kyrule few events ago while training, beautiful combo


kinda figured you would turn our line chat discussion to a forum post :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


There definitely will be a mythic hunter next season. Might be the second mythic in the season though.

On topic: When I was switching my rider earlier, I noticed how Oksana goes well with Zotz. Well in my opinion anyway


I’m just laughing at the names


Prior to being on Pathox, I had the Oksana rider on Morphos; was my favorite combination aesthetically (although she does look quite nice on Pathox):


I have to disagree - the colours don’t match at all! Malus+Fom FTW!


Oh yeah that’s very nice! :+1:


Show us your pics! (no nudes pls :face_vomiting:)


Kayla and Kyrule look like they could be a good looking pair at a White event… :rofl: You should match them together!!


The number one reason why I hired Swann for Pathox instead of Malus :laughing: (I’m one season behind on atlas seasonal riders :pleading_face:)


Come on Liz you can do it! I’ll show you how to get all the lines…


All the lines? I don’t think I’m that crazy :laughing: I like doing other things too on occasion lol

Besides since I’m one season behind I need to somehow come up with like 494 more blue rider shards from hitting beasts to catch up :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Kayla and Pathox are meant for each other. It takes four wings to rider Pathox properly.


I had forgotten about this combo. Skarr looked awesome with Oksana!

I also kinda liked Grogg and Kinnarus (since Grogg had glowing pink accessories lol)
Old pic from a previous UI update.


So true but I already equipped so much earth gear on her and I’m stingy with my rubies :joy:


You put gear on Kayla!? :scream:


lmfao i’ll never forget this stuff.

Btw for glory, you should just ask @Warlord for backup and go hit grumpy at his base! both easy and fun