Riders and dragons that fit together aesthetically


That’s if they can catch me first :eyes:


:smirk: i know where you are :hugs::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


fine fineeeeeee


Kayla and Kinnarus look awesome together :heart_eyes:


Vanquisher on Gunnar

Malus on Ember Almighty (no, I don’t really keep Malus on Ember)


I just have better taste than the grumpy chicken :eyes::speak_no_evil::rofl::rofl::rofl:



You know where my team castles are… But where’s my primes? :wink:


I didn’t bother to get the invader master that is kinnarus :man_shrugging:


Hildr is the new invader master (at least for me) :eyes: no more swiping! Yay! :partying_face:


Who’s that with Grogg? Looks awesome!


You don’t recognize Mafic? :eyes:


Ah don’t have it :joy: not on my path


Ah, he was my first obsidian mythic. I think he’s ugly as all get out from the front, but I like how his wings look when I fly him through invader… He’s not the best of mythics heh, and his spell set is likely to agrivate or cause carpel tunnel (like Skoll and Hati :sweat_smile:)


Kinda like this combo too. Shezard


Don’t know what kind of dragon Shezard is (never saw him before, sorcerer?) but I think he’s just meant for Tanok :smile: they look so alike


Lineage Harb Sorcerer…


We all know they were designed for each other but still couldnt help but put them together.