Riders - From Blah to Yay (Part 2)



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Thanks for re-opening this thread!

Just wanted to bump this up to get some more ideas flowing to the PG design team. With the release of this new Veteran rider as well as the defense rider, to be very bland and obvious, your riders are getting STALE. There is no new excitement to get them; ±1% on a stat does NOTHING for me.

If you want people to get excited about riders once again consider following and commenting to this thread that proposes ideas that are not only powerful and unique, but tough to decide which combination of skills you want because so many different styles of builds are available.

Anyways just a friendly bump for more comments and if people want to make another rider out there (defense this time perhaps) and lay out a skill tree that has some form of different path (aka a super health set, a super attack set, one that buffs token missions and daily activities, one that helps progress buildings or dragons differently, etc. Feel free to use any/all of the suggestions listed in the first post above or use your own.



I like the idea of being able to use the rider to “pimp your dragon” to fit your needs/playstyle.

On an attack rider, I love the idea of skewed stats—true glass cannons and tanks and ninja-assassins. We could possibly play with similar skewing on defense riders as a counter (although, base riders and gear are already vastly more powerful than their dragon counterparts because of the synergy from boosting all towers in an area—what if the dragons that followed got all the boosts from the rider who had gone before stacked on them?)

Who doesn’t want rage? But maybe we could see it in the form of a cost reduction (nothing says a spell has to cost 100, 200, or 300 rage points, why not 75, 150, and 225?) And we have runes to increase rage regen already. Or maybe a skill that substantially reduces rage regen lockout? I like the one-time instant rage skill. Could be used instead of avoiding the lockout (certainly not having both on the same rider).

Additional resist is a great idea, imo. So, not just adding more power to a resist the dragon already has, but when fully trained, the skill adds the resist to the dragon as if it were a natural part of the dragon (so, 70%).

Without either an instant-kill spell or a very powerful AOE that reduces HP enough that the dragon can kill a few towers before the hammers fall, the fundamental weakness of Warriors and Sorcerers is that they cannot deliver enough damage in a short amount of time. If hammers are not going to change, and I have seen nothing to indicate they will, these two classes will never be good leads. Or, if they are good leads, they are OP until they hit their ceiling, and then they die. I think using riders to add some variety to what is a viable dragon is a really good way to build on something that (if the foundation won’t be fixed) could bring these two classes into relevance again.

Decrease defensive consumable cooldown time – I believe this would break the game completely.

So, probably not as specific as you’re looking for, but I really like anything that would massively skew a dragon to offense or defense, rather than just increasing everything. Sure, it probably means no more soloing, but I don’t see soloing a (defended) base as a desirable thing.


Here is a little defense rider setup i did pulling a few ideas from above. Figured i’d do a setup to choose between a really stat heavy (+12%/+16%) rider with increased fire rate for towers, vs a utility rider who could queue a first mage shot (first mage on the base, auto queue even with no active defenders, doesn’t use a supershot) and allows you to swap token missions for timer missions at will and provides a fog of war for your base so it can’t be previewed before attacks.


Is it wise putting Construction cost reduction?
Won’t it allow players to build towers which shouldn’t be able to be built due to storage limit?
(Or is it Construction duration reduction?)


Maybe that would be the benefit of getting such a rider :slight_smile:
But you would have to choose if you wanted this, or to save research eggs which are rather expensive at higher levels…


Since there is no research (yet) beyond sapphire, the research cost seems inferior to Construction cost reduction IMO…
A lot of Plat eggs are obtained during following the path.
It’s only useful for Green and Gold.


Then perhaps the research % figures need to be adjusted (i just made them up on the spot) so that the tokens saved while doing research makes up for the construction cost savings.

But at the same time, this construction cost savings is ONLY in wood/embers/shards, not timers. So it allows you to get some buildings sooner for your level if you have the builder huts uncapped but it doesn’t do much at higher levels either when your storage is much higher than your buildings too

And again, i’m throwing this out here for a starting point so we can debate going up or down with %'s, or say for instance swapping one early skill tree item for a later one because its a tougher choice between certain ones.


I’ve always liked the idea of a rider being able to switch a dragon’s type. Imagine Altimorak with a hunter’s burst attack. Would it be good? I couldn’t even imagine a hunter with a permanent familiar, seeker shots, and a white invincibility shield. Rajin would become pretty decent. The mage block spell, spell flux and seeker shots? Fun. I’m sure some dragons would instantly become OP though. But it would be fun as hell. It would certainly breath new life into a ton of dragons we thought were useless.

Or perhaps maybe make it so you can toggle between them similar to the adaptive resists. Or have it cost half a rage to switch between instead of gaining half a rage.


Since this is defense rider, I’m thinking to boost supershot use for assist :thinking:
How about increasing SS refill/turn?


Absolutely. SS refill or % chance of returning one, or not using a shot similar to the sorcerer perch skill would be great.
Or even just giving +1 shots for everyone assisting the base


For an attack rider, how hard would it be to add an ability that gives a certain % chance that a spell will refund the rage used to cast it? Kind of like Galvanic’s second cast without the health loss?

Or an abiltity that adds +1 uses to an equippable spell. For example, Equipping death gaze will give you 3 death gazes instead of 2.


Totally love the fog of war idea!
Although I think the whole base would be a little much, maybe it should work for the islands covered by the perch which is already most of the base for most players out there (depending on what PG thinks about balancing this).


Only reason I thought it would be the whole base is ease of programming. Have it be a bool toggle that shows base or hides it all, easier to implement I think in the grand scheme of things


There is actually a tower designed to do this (or possible even more). But it never made it to production.

The Prism Tower has an aura that makes surrounding towers invisible. Not sure if I would want to use one of my precious tower locations for this unless it also made the towers unable to be attacked until the prism tower was destroyed.

Point being, at some point in this game’s history, someone thought a fog idea was a good one… but it never made it beyond getting into the game. Maybe it was part of the original game, and that is why it is still there. IDK. It has been there for as long as I have historical data (so, Q2 of 2016).


My idea for a rider would be a “Blacksmith.”

Lives in the forge.
Gets experience/glory by smithing things.
Skills allow for increased likelihood of better results, reduce shard costs and time, ability to “combine” lower quality items into a single higher quality one (e.g., 6 commons can be “reforged” into a single rare, 6 rare to a single epic, 6 epic to a single legendary), and “smelting” (or something similar) that allows for recovery of a higher percentage of the materials used (maybe you already have a full set of earth defense legendary… so, reforging would not be of any value).
“Armor” buffs the skills, and naturally, the blacksmith makes the gear.

That would be what I would like to see.


Oh yeah I’ve seen pictures of it.
Interesting glance at the alternate universe of War Dragons if BitPig didn’t sell it… I wonder if they would have ever come up with shards, embers and black pearls to monetize and milk players so aggressively :thinking:

Very nice idea :grin: