Riders - From Blah to Yay

Hey everybody,

Wanted to get a discussion going on what we think some different balanced and built rider combinations would be (seasonal).

  • So what are some things that would make a rider unique?
  • What are some skills you want to see?
  • What is the breakdown of how you would want it structured? Remember there has to be give and take and possibly some hard decisions here

I do ask that we not become super critical of ideas here, no harsh tones but this is more of a brainstorming session to flush out ideas, fantasies, themes of riders. We can focus on discussing the mechanics and details behind implementation once some good ideas come through :slight_smile:

Currently we have Grogg, Kayla and Tor and they all have various stats as below (without gear). They all have different stats and uses, with one performing better than others in various aspects. Keep in mind these are just what was available and you couldn’t obtain all of the stats.

+9.5% Attack (2, 7.5)
+10% HP (2.5, 7.5)
+12% Dragon XP (2.5, 2.5, 3.5, 3.5) <- was edited after the fact, used to be split rider xp and dragon xp
-2% Totem Debuff
-3.5% Training Cost
+4.5% Resists (archer, lightning, cannon)

+5% Attack (3, 2)
+6% HP (2, 4)
-2% Totem Debuff
+11.6% Dragon XP (3.1, 3.5, 5)
+7% Lightning Resist (3, 4)
-9% Training Cost (4, 5)

+8% Attack (1,2,2,3)
+8% HP (1,2,2,3)
+5% Resist (lightning, archer, ice turret)
-5% Totem Debuff
My Example:
I think it would be interesting to create a hunter, sorcerer and warrior style seasonal rider, similar to whats available in atlas. However a bit of personality could shine through

The hunter could offer +1 ammo as the final skill. This would make people venture and get the rider to max level. Or make it so that the rider needed a full set of gear to gain this benefit. That would make people get the full branch of the season instead of just the first page like many did during the spring season.

It could offer some basic buffs to typical hunter skills like healing mark, cloak, would maybe allow for faster regen of ammo, etc. These type of hunter specific skills would gain a buff and could possibly be in the skill tree in parallel to make it a choice for the user, one would not be able to obtain all of them. To top it off they could offer a MODEST health/attack increase OR XP bonus, along the lines of +5%/+5% attack/hp or +20% XP since the other hunter skills would be enhanced.

The sorcerer could offer a +1 sorcerer shots per swipe (yes 3 -> 4) and would again be offered at the very end of the skill tree. This would make people venture and get the rider to max level. Or make it so that the rider needed a full set of gear to gain this benefit. That would make people get the full branch of the season instead of just the first page like many did during the spring season.

Other basics such as “offensive spell power” or “defensive skill duration” could be added and would have effects of +% damage to ALL SPELLS or +% duration to ALL SPELLS on the equipped dragon. Sorcerers rely on their spells so buffing them all generically would be a key part of the sorcerer riders benefits. Perhaps these are offered in parallel again so that one cannot both get offensive and defensive buffs. But combine this with a choice of either attack/hp OR XP similar to above and this might be fun to select and customize your sorcerer.

I honestly don’t have too much for a warrior besides tossing around the ideas of a massive HP increase (with possible dps decrease) OR an ability to resist tower spells/supershots such as stuns/mage shots/etc as the main class bonus similar to the +1 shots above.

Same style of “all resists gain +15%” or something as a choice (70% up to 85%) to make them more tanky. But i haven’t given this much thought at all compared to the others.
Either way i think that making more relevant class specific riders would be an interesting or unique idea.



Good idea, but scrath the whole “needs rider gear to unlock this and that”.

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What, so people can get all the cool stuff easily just by getting the base rider? Gotta have SOME sort of work in it, bro.

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First of all, it’s a waste of sigils getting the gear if it’s only for one specific dragon type when you want to equip the rider to a different type dragon. Unless PG makes a unitype/adaptive type dragon rider.

As a non-Atlas player, I just want a defender.

Let me spend 6k or 25k sigils to get the 12% reduction to construction time. You can make all his other skills ballista resistance if you want, this is the only thing I care about.


Warrior: +1 max rage bar :rofl:

Instead of putting in a negative comment why don’t you put on your big boy pants and provide CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.

Give us some examples of what you would like to see.
Give us some examples of why you think that spending 25k sigils on a full rider that goes on a single roster dragons isn’t considered a major investment for some people.
Give us what you would offer as an alternative



Would love to see a rider give more rage regen to the dragon. Unless there’s gear that does that already?

Also, it’s kind of wierd that rider stats don’t increase with level - the only thing that increases is it’s skill tree. so TOR for example can easily be stopped early, because you get to the max 8% HP and AP at level 30+ IIRC. So there’s actually no incentive to complete TOR as the skill tree following those are meh at best. (maybe skill tree calibration is the answer here - make the last skill the most desirable as you mentioned).

Also, I’d like to see more “spiky” stats on riders. They shouldn’t be average at everything. They should be REALLY GOOD at something and bad at most other things - that’ll inject more variety. E.g. an attack focused rider could give 40% increase in dragon AP, but only 2-3% increase in other stats.


What about the idea that the “class bonus” would be the last item claimable in the season prize? Or at least further down the season branch. I just don’t feel like the benefit should be easily obtainable by everybody for only 6k sigils. Maybe put the last claimable (expert) rider shards at the 15k mark so that someone is actually invested in that item this season? :slight_smile:

What would you suggest doing as an alternative?

That might be a great variety to see. Someone who could have an incredible amount of attack, but maybe at the same time they would have to give up some health % or something. An extreme benefit with a small negative effect would make it a strategical move or it would alter how you played the game or flew certain dragons.

I’d like to push the envelope and do some stuff that is tough to choose between. Have people make a strategic choice for how they like to play.

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I agree the construction time savings is most beneficial. But what about a theme? Why just have a standard dragon rider “john smith” who does ordinary stuff? Why not give him a cool trait (no you cannot suggest a 90% construction savings lol), like allow 1 more of each color mage tower on a base? Why not let him choose a specific tower on your base for a +30% health bonus? What other UNIQUE features would you benefit from on a defense rider?

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Another defensive rider, and make it so the buffs stack with the other rider… also would be nice to see elemental armor choices… i wont ever be crafting the two dark type pieces for ballistas.

Defensive rider could have totem type effect too… better than wasting a tower spot.

I want a base rider…but it’s just me. Yeah agree with the class dependent riders and some unique skills

Okay, okay, sorry. :sweat_smile: It was a lazy response on my part.
I just thought that if a base rider with no gear gave all the benefits that a full gear set would give, it’d be kinda… lazy? Don’t know if it’s the right word. And I used it up there. Lol. It’d then make the rider gear kinda unnecessary, unless the gear provided boosts to the base rider’s skills.
I don’t know much about riders, seeing as though I haven’t gone for one, so maybe I’m not the best person to ask. I, as someone else had said, would like to see one special for hunters - ammo regeneration quickened or maybe one or two more shots. Some basic rage generation increase, maybe some health increase. Something like Tor with a resist increase, too, though I’m not sure how much that’s effective.
As for riders on bases… Perhaps they can double the fire rate of one specific tower (that might be a problem with a flak though lol. yikes). Or perhaps double the boost time of the 30% atck/def boosts - instead of six hours, they’ll boost for twelve each. I’ve heard high level players have too many of those, though, so maybe nevermind that. I’m always low on the defense boosts.

Hmm, yeah, fair point. I forgot about the special element type thing that comes with gear. I think you can use rubies to unequip the gear, though?
Perhaps instead of just one element, they could have riders/their gear equippable on two or three elements. That would make the investment a better deal because they’d be useful on more dragons.

Have to see how this spring season’s new “Mythic” rider will have to offer

What about something similar to adaptive resist, but for firepower. So with the full line of gear equipped on the rider and the right skills completed, you can toggle your dragon between a stream, a tap or a swipe?

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Bah yeah - looks like token boost, discount hunter, discount rider, and the maybe full price hunter for me this season. I’m cheap :man_shrugging:

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The ability to toggle (maybe not during a run/on the fly, but during the flight menu, or even just on the dragon main screen) through firepower styles would offer so much diversity. It would make “bad dragons” good again, possibly. It would give people who love sorcerers the ability to use a warrior or hunter in sorcerer mode (maybe not as effective, but it would still be a choice). Or it would give 95% of the population the ability to turn warriors into hunters.

This is something that pushes the envelope of PG to think outside the box.

Thank you for the suggestion Chris :+1:

That’s certainly out of the box - but will really F up my mind if I need to start swiping on a hunter! lol