Riders indecision


I have been thinking what do after I finish UVS, probably will have 1k sigils left at seasons enf and would like to use them for a rider but don’t know which. Of course I’ll be using sigil chests for the remnant.

UVS doesn’t have a rider and I’ve been working towards a second Def gear for when I upgrade my perch (different element) which has Tanok. I never went for atlas Def rider, but those 10% reduction seems appealing since I’m going low on timers and breaking next fort into harbinger.

I’m thinking if I should go with Björn and use atlas warrior rider on UVS or go with Astrid on him and postpone Def one. But my brain refuses a conclusion :exploding_head:

I’m getting Kevana (sp?) As my warrior rider for the extra 10% HP for warriors. Available as an Atlas season rider. Quite bit better stats to Astrid even for a warrior.

It also let’s you use sigils for something else

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1k sigils wont get you much of Bjorn or Astrid, at least not where you’ll get any boosts from them. Use whatever is left over to get a couple of gold chests and maybe a few wood boosts, depending on how many you actually have. You can either go after an atlas rider or see what the riders are next season. Maybe PG will accidentally spoil them again with an update :rofl:

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If your just trying to decide between Bjorn and Astrid I’d say Astrid. Atlas defense rider is better than Bjorn imo.

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+1 on getting kevana (or swann/Malus - can hire any of them with the blue rider shards in kevana’s prize tree).

+1 on getting Astrid and using Atlas defender instead of Bjorn…

This is very very subjective.

There are 2 ways that Atlas rider is better than Bjorn:

  1. Bjorn is L1 and Atlas is higher
  2. You are only considering the construction bonus buff

Bjorn has pretty much the same stats as Tanok attack/defense wise.

I guess i missed it, but OP why are you doing a second defense rider? Is it for actual defense or is it for construction bonus only?

You are correct. My opinion on Bjorn is definitely subjective. I use lorenzo for my normal base defense and maxed atlas defensive rider during forts for max building reduction. Guess I should have elaborated more on my first comment.

I am considering the defense one for the construction reduction time and slightly better stats. I know I would be able to swap Tanok for atlas one during fortification but that would also weaken defense. At the same time having a level 1 perch just for the sake of the time bonus would be perfect for rage anchorage.

The perch would need to be at least lvl 30 to get the full construction time reduction bonus. At lvl 1 you might as well not even bother.

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Boa resposta

1k de sigils não irá fazer nenhum efeito em Rider de temporada agora, investimento no Rider do atlas será melhor opção, e os sigils gastos no impulso de tokens energia e fogo interior.

@Blackfire565 I said I would gain the rest through sigil chests since they both seem to be worth some.

Is Atlas Def rider that good? I remember when Tanok came everyone said he would only lose on construction time, attack and hp were fairly better

So no 2 perches for me :+1:

Nat :joy:

Astrid. Don’t bother with Bjorn.
Atlas defensive rider - highly recommended - well worth it even if your DP goes down during Fort - we have banks remember :eyes:
Kevana - highly recommended - use my guide to get it easily


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Thanks :joy:

I was thinking on aiming for a 2nd piece of gear but you are the third one saying Kevana is well worth it so I’ll take it :+1:

Thank you all for the info, @moderators you can work your magic