Riders on Perch?

Hey guys, I tried searching the forum but could not find anything. I have also looked at mechengg base guide, however I have a my seagazer perch at level 11 and have Amarok on it. I have Kayla bonded with Amarok but I don’t have any of her equipment. I saw this saying that my buffs have been reduced and it looks like equipping Kayla without gear doesn’t do anything. Is this correct? All of my drags are waiting to be leveled up so I’m not using Kayla right now that’s why she’s on the perch. Thanks!

Do any of Kayla’s buffs look like base buffs to you?

What grumpy is saying that Kayla is better used as a wisdom rune for baby dragons you’re trying to level up, and if you don’t have atlas, there’s a demonic defender rider coming out this season who’s buffs are geared towards buffing your base
Apparently I read what I want to read :man_shrugging:t3:

What, you heard there’s a defensive rider coming this season? I hope it’s not the “mythic” rider :expressionless: I wouldn’t be able to get that one.


Where did you get that info? I watched the FB and twitch stream and I don’t remember this…

I thought the dragon XP, ATK and Health would buff the perch dragons stats. I’m new to this game and Kayla was my first rider so I’m not an expert with this stuff.

Ah ok I can see the confusion.

Attacking riders (like Kayla), only buff the dragon’s stats for when they’re flying.

Defensive riders (from Atlas only so far), buff base towers.

The only thing that will improve the power of the dragon on the perch is the level of the perch itself, and by feeding the dragon.

Plus the note on the rider buff reduced to 68.3% is a generic note based on the level of your perch VS the level of your rider.

It was in the name the rider post, let me find it for you, one sec.
@DefendPlease I was mistaken when I first saw it a couple months ago, thought it said defender when it said demonic rider.

Oh ok thanks for the clarification though

@SuperJaiyan3 the only way to make use of Kayla for your base is to craft defense gear because her skills don’t boost your base.
If boosting your base is your objective, you should first use the defender rider from Atlas. If you have a second perch, that’s where a second rider like Kayla could possibly be used.

If you don’t have Atlas you’re better off using Kayla on dragons you fly with.

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