Riders standing on dragon looks dumb

I have been playing a while and I hate the look of the riders. Ever thought about making gear for the dragon you could boost it or whatever but make one a saddle so the rider looks legit. Bad visual just balancing on top like that

PreachinPirate (Rob)

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There was once dragon gear… it didn’t do anything but it existed.


I’m surprised the forum software allows that much text for a topic title. I think this wins the award for longest forum post title ever… for any forum that’s ever existed or will exist. Across parallel realities too.


Haven’t you ever heard of barebacking it?

My once super computer savvy mother has started doing this recently, putting a whole mail’s worth of text in the subject, and of course I can’t read it all on a mobile mail app.
Old age, radiation brain, and new devices make a hard combo I guess.

Sorry never done one of these before. I hope I fixed it.

Guys be nice, that’s their first post on the forums. You were all little hatchlings once too :hugs:

@PreachenPirate you’re fine don’t worry :wink:

So to be honest I liked dragon armor even though it did nothing and fitted very few dragons.

A few Dragons like Noctarn have been drawn with saddles because they were apparently a domesticated race for a long time, while most others are either wild or feral Dragon offsprings you hatch, who would barely stand still long enough to let a rider jump on their back and fasten themselves with a rudimentary harness.

At least that’s the lore I tell myself. To Dragons, humans can be a partner, an extra weapon, a parasite or in most cases… meat.

I don’t like riders standing on Dragons either, but if the alternative is tearing your nether regions on rough scales, fur, feather or other… I can understand why many stand on them :sweat_smile:


The truth is, all dragons have a network of advanced and complicated boot bindings on their back that are too small for us to see.

It takes a dragon rider 60 minutes just to find the right size and get strapped in so they won’t fall off.

Hence the “bonding” time. :rofl:


I thought it was funny. I kinda riffed on it but meant no personal slight.

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Ummm, may want to delete that info.

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I thought it was the rider spiritually bonding with the dragon like they do in Avatar. They just need an hour to chill out and chat together a bit beforehand :grin:

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No, no, it’s strapping the boots down!! Of course, they also talk during that time. Dragon complains about weight, Rider says “Are you calling me fat?’” And so forth. But in the end they “ bond” it out. With boot straps :rofl:.

:rofl: :rofl:

hey! she can do it too! but yeah I totally understand where you’re coming from. the riders do look a bit out of place on some dragons. image

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