Right time to build 3rd flak

Player level:133
Embers: 72k
Currently have 2 maxed out flaks. So can I build another one next season or will I run out of embers in future? Please lemme know thanks.

Give me an indication of how many embers I should have to start a 3rd flak and what the right conditions are.

Q2) my kill island positions


would it be better if I switched ice flak and blue mage positions?

Depends on how many chests you’re willing to open during fort (including extra effort in case that you don’t have enough :eyes:)


Q1 depends on if you can maintain those 3 flaks without suffering from ember shortage.

Q2 depends on the spellset of the dragons that you see being flown against ur base.

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That’s the problem. How would I know sigh. Any measure that I could use?

for Q1 or Q2?

Q1, i can’t be too sure as i’m a p2w. if i see that i’ll end up having ember shortage, i just buy ruby packs and open them up during fort.

Q2, keep looking at the defense history. e.g. if you see naja the most, you build your base better against naja -though that may make it weaker against other dragons but it’ll still be better off since you’re being hit against naja more often than others