RIP 339 - Sad times for all

Would love to know what happened!


I find it SUPREMELY unfair that atlas has built in xp bases that not only give medals for every run but are pg run while the rest of us peons need to rely on the generosity of people like WhatTheF0x and lose them because they’ve gone inactive…


Pg should address this sooner rather than later…this game is growing boring and far too expensive. After leveling Neptus and now trying to level Destar I am exhausted…


This topic is getting beat to death today…lol. :rofl: Atleast we have the Gustav island! Oh…wait, it stops below 200…dang it. :cry:

Platinum stops at lvl 90…soooo yeah. sweet xp


At least the Gustav island finally counts for egg token runs :laughing:


I didn’t know about invader bases when I got Atlas, but I would be hating it without them now! Sux that there isn’t better balance for non Atlas ppl… I actually think once everyone gets invaders, most ppl will barely attack other players.

Never really used xp bases, but think it’s pretty cool of ppl to set em up.

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Even with Atlas, there is still use for the mission bases, MsMersy, and treasure bases. I suppose the xp bases would be for baby dragons that can’t handle the invaders. :rose:

You forgot atlas gives % bonus xp as well

Yep, I use the Andy base for my babies. I use ember on my alt account to get myself max xp until my new dragons are strong enough to handle the 312 base (which is my usual xp base).


If the base went inactive, how can it still be listed in the team roster? Inactive players typically first get auto-kicked from a team before they just disappear, don’t they?

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No they stay on the team for x amount of days first

I hope salang still logs in :eyes:


me too :persevere:

I feel that there should be some kind of system set up for xp bases. People have been generous enough to put it out there for everyone to use. Once again this is a thing where Atlas has the invaded base to get easy xp and for the WD grinders nothing out there. I have to hit well into the lvl 300 to find am base that has xp.Wtf was an alternative for us higher levels that the 312 gives way less xp. Just sick of all the changes that say are coming but nothing yet.Wouldnt be that hard for pg to have bases left out there for xp.


312 Does not give as much XP as the 339 base did. At least for me .

All depends on your level… I’d actually outgrown him but the diff wasn’t that much yet and I prefer flying the base rather than having someone dg an island or two

It was nice to use to help teammates when training

For sure I helped several of my teammates learn apophet on him, I sure hope he comes back… I reiterate it’s totally unfair that atlas has pg run xp bases and we need to rely on the generosity of other players… I’ve never heard of a game releasing things to only a small portion of its CUSTOMERS… our money pays just as many salaries as diamond and sapphire do