Ripped off again

Are you people serious or what? You’re ripping me and others off in this stupid event. Seriously, tell me how I’m supposed to attack other teams, when it keeps coming up that Guild is not found. Seriously WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! And yes I’m angry. I get to the top pit and can’t attack any teams, then you drop me to the pit below, YOU ARE RIPPING US OFF IN POINTS. My team keeps dropping cause I can’t freaking attack. FIX THE EVENT.
And if that’s impossible, THEN DON’T RUN THIS EVENT TILL YOU CAN FIX IT…
I and everyone else you’ve ripped off, expect a LARGE apology gift for the STRESS we’ve endured throughout this event.

Ticket number?

Are you in silver or gold 5 league?


Probably. I think this is like the 3rd thread about this issue this event :laughing:

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Obviously a shitty QoL issue for all pvp events which is 50% of all events.


Maybe the team is nonexistent? Idk, it’s like for us, there is a team name we cannot attack because it’s nonexistent, idk what happened to them though…


I’m in Silver 2

Disbanded during the event

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This is Several teams in my league. I got to the top pit, then couldn’t attack any team in that pit, so I was dropped, this has happened twice now. How the hell am I supposed to progress?

What sort of progress are you looking for? It depends how many active teams and players there are in your league, but get personal points by identifying attackable teams and trying to be in the same pit with them; get team points by climbing pits or winning pits (possibly alternating with tactical retreat so you go back down to a winnable pit).

It stinks though, I’m sorry. Crummy start for the new teams or new players who end up in Silver and low Gold leagues. Really hope PG fixes stuff like this.

Not to be that guy, but there’s an easy workaround…

This happens in leagues where there are effectively dead teams. So… Don’t be on a team in Silver 2. There are plenty of teams in higher leagues that would be happy to take on active players.

Is it ok that this is broken? No, of course not… but pretty sure that this has been a thing for awhile, and I wouldn’t hold my breath on a fix anytime soon. Silver teams don’t spend much, so their issues don’t get much traction.

The fact that players are affected on 50% of all events should make this a top priority.


Yeah I’m talking about my team getting 1st in division, teams that “aren’t found” are winning! Not sure how the hell that works!

More than likely, new players who cannot participate in events due to issues like this will quit before they go on to find better teams. It seems that PG is trying to do a few things to retain newer players, but they are missing the mark so badly (what’s new) by neglecting obvious issues like this. A lot of problems in this game can be temporarily solved by just finding a better team, but these problems will trickle up to platinum and higher if PG doesn’t retain players.

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Yeah, that’s incredibly lame. In a just world if they can’t fix it they’d fix it after the fact by sending you the prizes for the rank you’d have had if those inactive teams weren’t there. Fixing it soon should be a priority not just because it’s potentially every other event, but because a lot of new players land in these less active leagues.

Understanding that winning is its own reward, for all the other rewards I would consider just farming chests and planning an extra war for next week. The Silver II first place rewards are not huge - 100 sigils and some other stuff.

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