Robbery on your part pocket gems

I had 84 energy and 77 inner fire so i proceed to do a mega attack which cost 30 energy and 30 inner fire with great success. Upon my checking on results of that attack i said i will do another mega attack but all my energy was finished. So it cost me 30 energy for my mega attack but pg used all 84 energy but my inner fire deduction was correct to 47. What a waste of tme at these events that we have to spend money and pg rob me of my energy. What is your response pg?

No one is robbing you of anything. Submit a ticket and our support team will review it. You’re going to need to provide things like the time this happened, so someone can take a look at your logs. Also you should probably drop the bombast and accusations.


You are saying “Energy” but did you mean Energy Packs? It costs 20 Inner Fire’s and 100 energy to buy a Mega Coin. The amount of Energy Packs it takes to get that 100 Energy varies, depending on how many packs you have used so far in the round.


My time now is 2:22am so around 1 hour ago this happen. I’m frustrated with this game as you guys can’t fix my frozen screen issue over a year now and I’m sure you can find all my email to your company on this frozen topic and your company didn’t even do a follow up to see if it was fixed. Back to the matter of all my energy disappear and the reason I dont really part take in these events where I have to use energy boxes and inner fires is because this is the third time it happens to me that the attack says it cost a certain amount on energy for mega attacks and same with inner fire but at the end of the attack more is taken away from me so what should I do continue playing this game and be angry or find another game from another company or will you be able to solve my issues?

Do you understand that it costs 100 energy to buy a Mega Coin?

Does a mega attack really only cost 30 energy?

Mega Attack cost 100 energy and 20 inner fires. With each increasing use of mega attack more energy pack is required. Honestly please look at the legend stated at the different energy cost before attacking :smile: before directing this on forum.

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I think the OP can’t math… :joy::man_facepalming:


Did you submit a ticket like I suggested?

Should be thankful that your responding at 2 in the morning. Unless you have the graveyard shift.

@Meng2178 : Better submit a ticket and send the number to PGJared, other PX, or post it here.

@PGJared I hope you get enough sleep

its 6:15 in the morning in my area…when do you guys go to sleep

its 20 IF by the way. (23 if u use 3 deags with 1 IF each extra) also 100 energy is max capped at 30 energy crates.

i spent 1200 energy yesterday and never had to pay 84 Energy packs for 100 Energy

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Nah, I just couldn’t sleep. Got a fizzy water and didn’t notice it had caffeine and stuff in it.

Basically never, if this week is any indication.

100 energy refill uses 10/20/29/30 after a reset
Mega coin purchase cost you 100 energy + 20 inner fire

If you cancel it, the energy won’t return since you already purchase it so it goes back into a coin until you officially complete an attack.

Energy Pack is used to refill energy
Energy is what is needed to purchase a mega coin.
Energy Pack is shown when you purchase a mega coin if you do not have enough energy and will use that amount of energy pack to refill your energy until it has 100 or more.

So the 30 that you see might have been the energy pack being used, but might need further clarification since you said that you had 84 energy before doing it. It may have used 6 energy packs instead since 84 + 16 = 100 and then 20 inner fire.

File a ticket so they can explain it better using the data that they see on your account.

I think the OP needs some sleep… :joy:

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