Roll out parts of beta separately

My understanding is that beta players have about three different things that other players don’t have: different base layouts, XP base that grows with the player, and Atlas. My suggestion is to roll out these different parts separately when they are ready instead of releasing them all together. Atlas is huge and will take a long time to get to where PG wants to mass release it. If you can give everyone the new base layout, it will at least give the others something new. Running the same base layout gets really boring.



P.S. I can’t tag Atlas in my post.

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But all of that is in Atlas. We don’t get all of our base layouts changed, just of attacks within it. If you mean Poachers and Gold Mines, again, that’s something that comes with Atlas and is a nice bonus. You don’t want Atlas. Use the time you’ve been given wisely to make sure your team will be strong enough and willing to work with it when it does get released.

Atlas is what beta is called now that it’s been released more widely, they aren’t separate concepts.

We don’t have separate base layouts, the battle map is different and I’d argue worse than the main game map.

Yes, we have the invader/poacher base that grows with the player and we have beta specific riders and rider gear.

I don’t think it makes sense to release these features piecemeal. They are all tied in to Atlas. Rather, teams who want these features should compete hard and move up to leagues that will get Atlas next (Sapphire 3 and upper Plat is my guess).

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Ok, I thought Atlas was like that event they had once with boats and islands, but that it had been changed a good bit.

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