Rollback anti-aircraft guns from level 95 to 90

AsaSlonik: yesterday, checking the base, I found that all the towers on the battle island and not only (all that were above level 85) fell 5 levels down. T e, I had a dark anti-aircraft gun of level 95, it became 90th. The anti-aircraft gun was 93 levels, became 88 and so on. I raised all 90+ anti-aircraft guns in the last event, having spent 504 days of accelerators (for rubies) and other resources. Developed explanations do not give. how to return resources ???

You might be posting on the wrong forum if you’re talking about anti-aircraft guns. Also, there are no combat tower levels above 90 released yet.


Erm, level 95 towers are not out yet…


Probably google translated from whatever local term the game uses in his language for “flak”


(Side note: flak actually derives from german FLugzeugAbwehrKannone which literally translates as aircraft defense gun so… hes not wrong per se.) Though i have not seen any 90+ towers in game so I dont even know how you got them past 90? The 90 tower has a button that says upgrades coming soon.


90s just came out so bs on the level 93 antiaircraft guns😂

I wonder if he has super Kelvin too. :joy::joy:

I got my air-to-air missiles downgraded too :triumph:

On topic: maybe is 85 to 80? And because of an account roll-back?

I suggest opening a ticket

Thank you

I want a level 93 antiaircraft gun😂

Um, if you had above 90s… did you just admit to hacking? :eyes::see_no_evil:


I would like to see aircraft that can do those above 90 towers

Anti aircraft guns :heart_eyes_cat: must be better than crappy flaks towers :joy:

I’m having problem upgrading my den to nuclear :radioactive: missile silo.

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Pew pew

Sry been wanting to do that since i first seen anti aircraft

What are people talking about? They haven’t seen the sneak preview?


Sneaky sneaky

Shhhh :shushing_face: NDA :joy:


Maybe we will get a BAK as well (Ballon Abwehr Kanone) for shooting down the Zeppelin.

A little off topic

Interesting. This has led me to a line of googling that proves the cake was a lie. Or at least the concept of a flak canon being a high velocity, short ranged shrapnel gun seems to have been a video-game lie. Flak actually did only refer to anti aircraft guns. Although in this game it’s almost appropriate with dragons being aerial, a similar mid air detonation is probably one of the best ways to take down a dragon.

On topic

I think the OP is confusing 85-90 with 90-95, and is saying he lost 5 levels on all of his towers And wants to know how to get his timers back. Open a support ticket would be the answer in that case.


I’m pretty sure at 95 they require being reloaded each time.


Pg should introduce a rail gun