Rollback Issue with Account

Help @PGJared or @Arelyna was credited around 4m rubies due to account credit and now program has zeroed account because of credit! Have lost everything again rubies, eggs, towers…still have dragons but team had to kick me because of wars and probably will also lose all my troops. Lost all resources highly pissed and I think PG just needs to give me a complete refund for both accounts! You all are going to owe me big time!


That’s crazy…hope you get everything back quickly. Should be an easy fix since the history is documented


You’ve got some serious $$ on the line. I would contact AppStore or GooglePlay, the credit card company, and the bank. One of them will give you your money back if PG can’t solve this. PG will then get the nastygram from from Apple or Google. Then they’ll know it was for real…

Good luck man, for real.


I wish I was shocked to see this could happen twice.

I’m confident it will be fixed though, plenty of documentation there. If I had to guess, the cheat police software was alerted to you having a lot of rubies you were reimbursed with.

Best of luck Rain :facepunch:


That’s not how this works. A simple shout out to PGJared and an audit will rectify the problem. But then someone needs to look into why this happened in the first place. If an inexperienced agent, then some training is needed. If its one of their “cheat systems” then some better coding needs to be done.

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Which account is this for? SavageRain hasn’t been banned. Also, did you submit a ticket?


I assume you submitted a ticket and gave them time to respond?

I get the frustration… But if you didn’t do that, you’re not even starting the clock on getting your account back by posting here.

Sucks to have happened twice. I hope it gets sorted out and the root cause identified.


Yes it has been …this player is on our team and it happened just about an hour before war start …thankfully someone noticed before half the league declared on us it seems the rubies he was refunded more than likely set off one of your cheat detectors but a look at his account would show you guys gave him those rubies as a refund for his lost account there should be at least a quick investigation before you ban someone please help this player out its got to be easy for you to see the rubies came from a refund not a hack. Thanks

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No, it hasn’t. I’m looking at the admin panel for that account and it isn’t banned. It also wasn’t banned today. It also hasn’t been banned in the last month. We have logs of that stuff.

I’m not 100% sure of the technicalities or how this works, but it looks rolled back.

It could have gotten rolled back or had the gamestate broken. It was definitely not banned. I can have an engineer look into that, but it’s not going to be until tomorrow as they’re all asleep by now.

All i can tell you is he disappeared from our team just before war start …and then we found his account as above …sure looks like a ban of some sort ?

It’s not a ban. A ban is a specific and discrete thing. Judging by the screenshot someone just provided something certainly happened to the account, but it’s not a ban. It could have glitched and rolled back, the gamestate could have gotten corrupted or broken for some reason etc etc etc. Those are kind of beyond the PX ability to really delve into and resolve. The one thing I can say with nearly absolute certainty is that the account wasn’t banned.


Let’s hope that this will be resolved before the event…

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Thanks i know your job really has to suck sometimes and i hate a cheater and love to see the ban hammer come down on those who are cheating but this poor guy has been through this twice now.

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I’ve never seen something like that, learn something new every day. I do appreciate the speedy reply, for the sake of our team.

Unrelated, did you appreciate my gif?

It’s not a ban. This isn’t something that has happened to them twice. Yes, one time they got banned. This is a completely different thing. Please, please, for the love of all that’s good please stop saying or implying they got banned. Otherwise I’m completely bouncing from this thread.

I really don’t want this to turn into “say gold one more time” again. It’s late and I’m tired.

I do like it, yeah. Good gif.


Wow! How big must that account be to receive 4 million rubies :joy:

I was not trying to upset anyone just trying to help a teammate. To be honest i was just stating what happened maybe using the wrong terminology as to what happened from your end and i appologize for that. That was how it appeared from our end please just help him if you can i wont ever use that word again. Thanks


What are you sure to already check that account in your database?
If it just glitch or no banned, you can get back her account and give more compensasion :wink:

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