Rollbacks being Effective...or not?

So, in a previous thread it was stated by an employee, Jared, that in some cases players could be rolled back based on a being a “good player” (I say that with as much sarcasm as text will possibly allow). Two wonderful examples of this highlighting how well this method works.

XX and YY cheated for MONTHS and nothing happened. Then they were caught because well…a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut. To be honest, given how poor security is… its more, somehow the nut animated itself and actually sought out the squirrel.

In any case, they were rolled back and reinstated because they were just such amazing, awesome people who just happened to massively cheat for months…so fast forward to now. Shocker, both have been rebanned…I know people are flabbergasted at how this could POSSIBLY have happened. No way, people that were cheating before kept cheating after being given a second chance?!? Who would have seen that coming!

In any case, they both made sure to dominate the leaderboards and negatively impact a wide arrange of players, especially in Atlas, before this was “resolved”. And…despite PG banning teams from Atlas and acting like it was some huge punishment, their team had absolutely zero penalty for it. So, I am curious by what metric is this rollback method seen as being effective?


This is why I disagree with rollbacks for cheaters they cost honest players ingame prizes and negativity affect the entire prize tiers for everyone.


Ugh ugh no wonder i kept seeing the same dudes on leaderboard huh shame on you

Just a secret hint : they wont care

Because why should they, like Come on they are just cheating lmao

Congrats, you’ve found exactly why PG is so reluctant to ban cheaters. Cheaters that can conjure up in-game resources and rewards through illegitimate means push real players to spend all the much more in order to compete with them. By allowing cheaters to run rampant, they ensure that spenders will continue to dish out thousands just to keep up.


Spenders competing with spenders should be enough. I think it’s that some cheaters also spend…

Irrelevant. You cheat, you’re done. End of story. Anything short of that (assuming good logs are being kept and false positives are reversed/compensated in a timely manner) is bullshit.

IIRC Campuslifer was working on security overhauls more than a year ago. Now I know no system is perfectly secure and that plugging some security holes isn’t as easy as fluttering a few lines of python into existing code, but it’s high time PG got their shit together.

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And it feels like it pretty much ended a year ago too…

Another thing is…there is almost zero consequence for a team doing so, it is almost encouraged at this stage.


I don’t even think @pgCampusLifer is working on this game anymore.

By looking at the Forum roles which has been Updated he is now ‘CampusLifer’ unless that was an error in the edits but it doesn’t seem to be.

He is still an engineer for PG but he should not be expected to respond to PM. Perhaps he is allocated task and thus would be very busy. It is probably not his responsibility to respond to forum posts either.

His forum name is still @pgCampusLifer

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