Ronin Execute Blocked?

Is this a known issue or something else? I followed a teammate in a war run last night and three times I hit the first three towers on the back island with execute and it took out the middle tower but left the front two I damaged. My AP is 4 million plus on the dragon used and these are mid level 50 towers. It should have easily destroyed them but it appeared a shield popped up right after I dropped the execute. Like when I destroyed the storm it triggered a shield and totally ignored the other towers. I watched it hit all three so it was not a miss.

The towers were dark flak and red mage on the outside with storm in the middle. Only a fire flak on the back.

I have flown this dragon hundreds of times and have yet to ever see this happen. Any help is appreciated. A ticket has been submitted.

did you record it?

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Seems like it’s a bit too late.
Can you recreate it?

If we are winning and it won’t hurt our chances to win, I will try again later.

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I have actually had this same problem i thought maybe i was firing it to soon but it has happened multiple times and i will upload video of it when i get a moment from work

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Thank you!!

I’ve had some weird runs with Ronin as well. I had one dark flak surviving execute on an atlas run (lvl 69 vs 4.9b ronin), with all other 69s dying normally.
Thought it might be unusually well geared, and had another run on the same base, this time using havoc. And the same dark flak still survived. There’s no way that two equal level towers on the same island can have that much different hp (other 69s dying without havoc, one of them still not dying with) so something does seem wonky…

There’s a new research to increase dark flak HP, so maybe it’s thicker than the other 69s? Also possible they’ve great dark flak runes and/or glyphs, I think.

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I had a 80 survive. Ronin is 9.5b and i fly ronin like a chick waiting to pay rent at a corner stop it was defended as well

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Mine has been before research was released and i was smacking 85s my ronin is max elite gear 4 mythic ruins also and expert :eyes: so that wouldnt matter to me

Might worth noting that DF is among towers with highest base HP

Thanks for editing my info. I forget about that when I respond via email. At 1200% I would have 50 million attack. No amount of boost to mid level 50 towers would get any where close to that.

When I saw the spell hit I would have seen they actually disappeared and then reappeared with a shield. Either way there is a glitch or exploit.

Sure but no research or runes would be pushing a 69 flak to 150m hp, which is what it would need to survive legitimately.

If spelled too late, yes your wob can be blocked.
150 hp i want see screen of this wrong number talkings please.
Even u max it with research and exotic rune nope, and dragons able to still kill it actually.

Runes and Shield from mythic warrior on perch are likely culprits

Have one maxed exotic, the other tower boosted by ward, yes they can.

Exotic is 10%, shield is 25%. That’s still about 160% worth of boost short.

To put the numbers in perspective, my base execute deals a bit over 82m damage. With Havoc, that goes up to 215m.

A 69 dark flak has 17.8m base health. It would need to have a +360% combined hp boost to survice a normal execute. Which I think even with consumables, mythic warrior shield, gear and runes is not attainable. But even if it is, to survive the version with Havoc, the tower would have to have a +1100% hp boost. This is not really explained away by a +25% warrior shields and a rune…

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I’ve never experienced this
Are you able to duplicate it?

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