Ronin.....or zenko


After weeks of thinking i thought i would bring it to you guys to help me decide.

Please bare in mind that im at harb tier so by the time i hit emp there will be at least 1 more beast hunter or sorc mythic available.

The way im thinking is this. I have pathox who is still viable for me for a long time yet, i also have UVS who i love so i have my powerhouse dragons that are usefull to me.

Do i want to learn ronin who ive seen and heard is either the best dragon going in the right hands… or zenko who i havnt heard to much about.

I love flying hunters but i also love the ease of flying my hildr.

Im torn so please id like to hear from zenko and ronin owners about their experiances and pros and cons for both. How hard they are to learn etc.



Easy question - do you have another wind set of gear for Zenko?


I got Zenko. 0 regrets. Worlds better than my Pathox, at least for my playstyle.

My carpal tunnel also agrees with my choice :raised_hands:t3:

EDIT: Zenko not easy to fly like Hildr. Not comparable imo.


This right here is the number one reason I went for Ronin. Granted I have NO elite dark gear (or at least I didn’t until I started working on it this atlas season), but I figured it would be easier to level up a different element than to do double wind :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:


I have a full set for pathox, and i just finished the defence atlas rider and starting on offence one so i can get a full set of either, gear isnt issue at all or runes


I got Ronin for the exact same reason Liz did. I like him, he’s not quite as difficult to fly as I thought and he is quite a bit of fun. I’m in the middle of Harb tier and able to take out most 80s with him.

Edit: thinking about that, maybe I should say some 80s.


Even enough shards to level two full sets of wind gear :face_with_monocle:


Both are fun dragons I think. Ronin isn’t that hard just need to manage his rage and ammo situation so you have enough for trap and heal.

Zenko looks a ton of fun but I have my gear on path and don’t want to bench him yet.


Not convinced at all that Zenko will be easier to use than Ronin.

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They must have no gear or crappy gear on there base if you are taking on lv 80’s.


I flew both in testing. I found it easier to get a higher percentage of the base killed with Zenko rather that Ronin :woman_shrugging:

Maybe someone else will fine Ronin easier, but from my experience, I personally found Zenko to be the easier to fly dragon.


Thanks! I just sucked at the last sorcerer with hunter spells lol


Honestly, it all depends on your play style and gear/rider situation. I have both and they are really good dragons. I tend to fly Ronin more, just from having a better rider and gear available for him. But I don’t Think you would be disappointed with either. Perhaps, if you listed out dragons you prefer to fly, that might be a better indicator of what dragon you should go for


Do you mean Sylphen? Zenko is way easier to fly than Sylphen is, if that’s any consolation :slight_smile:

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Same for me. I just retired Necryx so I’ve got a full, almost maxed set of legendary dark gear so Ronin it is. I already have a defensive wind set on my perch and an offensive set for Pathox so Im sure as hell not trying for a 3rd set of wind


Sakura :yum:

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I love sylphen, and love attacking alot higher bases then myself. 300 attacking 400. Which dragon would I be able to use with sylphen to hit larger bases? Zenko or Ronin?


It would depend on the base I would imagine :sweat_smile: Ronin and Zenko have different strengths. It also would depend on who would be leading Sylphen? Or Zenko/Ronin?

I think the umbral spike derivative that Zenko has can kill higher level towers than Way of the Blade could but I’m not the best GPF member to ask. @Lutrus would probably have a more confident answer for you. Or maybe Mechengg… I’m bad at data analysis :see_no_evil:


Both :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I lead with sylphen. Everyone uses sylphen as a cleanup dragon. For me hit death stare takes to long for me. I use his death stare to hit red or blue mage depends on layout then use his shield to stop the punishment or red spell for chains to chain the towers. usually allows me to take out kill island but then hes dead. then I follow with renard. spike is faster to shoot.